12t Tree Trunk Protector


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Often the most logical and safe anchor point for a winch recovery is a nice big tree.

It is a big no no to simply wrap the cable around the tree and hook it back onto itself. Not only will this damage your winch cable it will ring bark the tree and kill it. Its important that you make sure the tree is safe and healthy for the next time you or someone else need to winch from it

Because us four wheel drivers respect the bush and want to leave it as we found it, it is essential that a tree trunk protector is used during winch recoveries. A tree trunk protector is a shorter strap that wraps around the tree to spread the load and prevent damage to the trunk of the tree, the eyes of the strap are then joined with a shackle or if the winch cable hook is large enough both eyes hook directly onto the hook.

  • 12000kg rating (Minimum Breaking Strength)
  • 3m x 75mm Polyester webbing
  • Folded reinforced eyes
  • Eye and seam protector sleeves

Remember to wash the strap after use and inspect it for damage, frayed edges or loose stiching. If in doubt chuck it and buy a new one, when a strap breaks it has the potential to do damage to vehicles or injure people.


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