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Expensive or Cheap?

Firstly, something is only expensive if it costs a lot and it is rubbish. If you buy a product for $50 and it breaks the third time you use it, or you buy a similar product for $199 and you use it heaps of time and 10yrs later it is still going strong which one is more expensive? Price alone does not deem something expensive or cheap.

We have become a throw away society, we buy something, we use it and we throw it away. With such an emphasis on reducing our impact on the planet then surely buying quality products that provide us with years of use are better than cheap products that do the job but don’t last long. I doubt we will be passing down our cheap internet bought fridge to our kids the way your dad passed his 30yr old Engel down to you, a story we hear so often.  So, do we buy once and buy quality or do we buy cheap rubbish multiple times and be fooled into thinking we are saving money because its ‘cheap’?

Lets look in terms of 4×4 and camping gear, this is after all a 4×4 and camping site. You are looking to buy camping gear, lets say it is a swag. One company has one for $250 and another company has one for $399. They are very similar in size and looking at the numbers the $250 swag is better value for money than the $399 swag, or is it?

There’s a pretty well known saying, no idea where it started, that goes something like “You get what you pay for”. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to 4×4 and camping accessories.

Lets go back to the swag example. There are many considerations that need to be taken into account. Things such as the quality, thickness and durability of the canvas. The zippers that are used, the type of poles the swag uses, the mattress, what about the warranty? What about the service provided by the shop? Are they going to look after you down the track if there are issues with the product?

All of this combines to make up good value for money.

What about shopping around and buying the same product for a cheaper price? Lets say you live in Sydney, you want to buy the swag. You decide on the $399 swag because the canvas is thicker, the stitching is more superior etc. Now you start to trawl the internet looking for the best price. The local camping shop down the street sells the swag for $399, the manufacturers RRP. You find an online store selling the same swag for $349 with free postage. Bargain, surely its a win win. Maybe not. You buy the swag and you have an issue with it and it needs a repair under warranty. You email the online store and get no reply, you ring and leave messages and nothing. When you finally get through you are told to post the swag back, at your expense, then they have it for ages before sending it back and the repair isn’t up to scratch. Have you saved $50?

Not all online stores are like this, we have an online store, but the risk is there. The product and the price you pay for it don’t make up value alone. When you go to a store and speak to a salesperson their time, their knowledge and then the ability to go back to the store if you have an issue all add value.

A cheap price tag does not instantly make something good value. An expensive price tag doesn’t always mean quality either, but more often than not a higher price will mean a higher quality.

Castrol say ‘Oils ain’t Oils”, this is true of other products and 4×4 and camping gear is no exception. One of the main things that need to be considered when deciding whether or not to buy the ‘cheap’ or the ‘expensive’ product is how often you plan to use it. If you only need it for one trip or as an emergency spare then a cheap one might do the trick. If you are buying something you plan to use on a weekly or monthly basis and you want it to last for years to come then splash out and spend the cash on a quality product from a reputable brand.

I often hear people say that not everyone can afford the expensive item, which is fair enough, but in saying that after considering the points discussed above which is going to cost you more in the long term? Is saving a bit longer for the better quality item going to be the best in the long run?

The 4wd Zone prides itself on sourcing quality products from innovative and reputable companies. When you shop with us you can be assured that the product you are getting is a quality product and should you have issues we’ll be there to help you out.

I hope this article has given you something to think about next time you are out looking at products.

Do I Need a Winch?

Winches, Accessories and Parts

Do you need a winch? Its a common question and one that can only be answered after considering a few things.

Firstly, do you or do you plan to do any solo travel? When traveling in a group with other vehicles you can often escape without needing a winch, depending on the type of driving you plan to do. If you travel alone, especially in remote locations, then a winch really is cheap insurance. If you get stuck then a winch means self recovery is generally easily possible. If you don’t have a winch you will need to rely on a good Samaritan coming along and helping pull you out, in remote areas this might be days as opposed to hours.

Outback Armour Winch Recovery Kit

Secondly, what sorts of trips do you plan to do? Will you be traveling on graded roads to camp sites, setting up and enjoying the scenery or are you headed bush to find the most challenging tracks to push your vehicle to and often beyond its limits? If you plan to do the latter than you will most certainly need a winch.

Winches are great to have in case of an emergency or to get you through that tricky section of track with as little damage as possible. The only real disadvantage to getting a winch fitted is the increased weight over the front of the vehicle, an aftermarket suspension kit can correct this though.

What do I need to consider when buying a winch? The old ‘you get what you pay for’ statement couldn’t be truer here. Sure there are heaps of cheap winches on the market that are promoted as being super powerful and simply amazing, and this might be true, but for how long? You don’t want a cheap winch failing in the middle of nowhere and leaving you stranded. Quality brands have a service network around the country and most auto electricians can easily source parts if you have an issue miles from home.

How often will you use it? Are you only getting it fitted as a ‘just in case’ measure? A cheap winch might do the trick here, however not using a winch can actually do harm, moving parts can seize and when you go to use it nothing happens. Whatever you choose to buy checking it regularly and doing some routine maintenance like lubricating the necessary components and checking electrical connections is vital.

Winch Cable Damper

Do i get a winch cable or winch rope? Winch rope really has come along way in recent years, it is strong, light weight and easy to handle, it costs more but if it is in the budget I’d recommend it over winch cable any day. It is also safer too, when steel winch cable snaps it recoils and has the potential to do serious damage or injure people. Winch rope doesn’t do this and when it snaps it drops to the ground much quicker. Handling it is easier because it is lighter to lug up and down the track, there are no stray strands of steel wire to cut you and if in a hurry you can coil it up quickly wrap it around the bullbar and find somewhere safe to wind it back in. The weight reductions also help with increasing your payload and reducing the weight over your front axle.

Something else to consider is the waterproof rating. IP68 is the best you can get. IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’ and the numbers after indicate the level of protection. The first number signifies the protection of vital components from foreign materials, i.e dust, 6 indicates the highest level of protection and means complete protection and no ingress of dust. The second number signifies the protection from the ingress of water. 8 is the highest in this instance and means complete protection from continued submersion in water at depths greater than 1 metre. 7 is up to 1 metre. I wouldn’t purchase a winch unless its rating was IP67 or IP68, 68 is obviously the best.

What about the size of the winch? For smaller four wheel drives a 8000 pound would be suitable or 9500 pound would be ideal and is a more common size anyway. If you have a larger four wheel drive which isn’t heavily loaded and you aren’t going mud bogging then a 9500 pound winch will be more than enough. If you have a heavy four wheel drive that is loaded up and/or you tow a caravan or camper trailer than you’ll need a 12000 pound winch. Don’t skimp on the size thinking you’ll save money, winches do have a limit and if you over work it you’ll damage or destroy the winch.

Snatch Block

What about recovery gear? In the last blog I talked about what I think are the 5 must have recovery items. These don’t change if you buy a winch, you just need to add a few more when you buy a winch (see the winch kit from Outback Armour pictured)

You will need; winch cable damper, a couple of extra shackles, snatch block, tree trunk protector, winch extension strap and gloves.

A winch cable damper is a weighted blanket type product that hangs over the winch cable and velcros together. It helps to weight the cable/rope down and minimise recoil in the event of a cable/rope breaking.

Extra shackles are handy if you need to re-divert winch lines to change the angle of line pulls etc.

A snatch block is a pulley, the wheel inside the block alloys the winch cable to change directions and it can be used to increase the pulling power of the winch by creating a double line pull (for another blog).

When winching you should NEVER just wrap a cable around a tree and connect it back onto itself with the hook, not only will this damage your winch cable/rope it will ring bark and kill the tree. As a result you use a tree trunk protecting strap to wrap around the tree and anchor the winch to this. An extension strap is exactly that, an extension for your winch if the winch line wont reach an anchor point.

Gloves are vital when winching, especially when handling steel winch rope, they get burrs and stray bits of wire that cut your hands easily.

My best advice is buy the best quality winch that your budget will allow. The 4wd Zone sells Warn, VRS and Kingone winches. Warn’s has winches ranging from $1300 for the Tabor models right up to the Platinum Zeon which costs up to $3600. VRS winches have an IP68 rating and start at $949. Which model you buy and how much you spend does come down to what has been discussed above. Frequency of use, type of use etc.

If you are unsure of what you should be drop in and see us and we can help you choose a winch that is suitable for your needs.

Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L and 2L Portable Safe Bags

Society is every changing and unfortunately we waved goodbye to the days where you could leave your keys in the ignition and the windows down when you parked in the main street and ducked into the shops.

Now, everything has to be hidden away and locked up like Fort Knox because there are people that walk among us that think they have the right to take what someone else worked for to buy.

Pacsafe are leaders in travel security with a range of products to help you secure your belongings when you are away from home.

In this article we’ll look at the Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L and 12L portable safe bags.

What makes the bag a safe? Couldn’t you just slash it open? The answer to both those questions is 360 eXomesh, a mesh bag woven into the bag itself making it slash and cut proof. See the below diagram from the Pacsafe website.

The eXomesh system surrounds the bag and incorporates the braided steel cable that is used like a drawstring to seal the bag and lock the contents inside.

The braided cable has a locking system that secures it closed and the braided steel cable is long enough to loop it around a fixed object within a motel room, a campsite or inside a camper trailer or caravan.

We’ve included an embedded Youtube video from PacSafe’s Youtube channel which demonstrates how it is used.

So, what do we think of the product?


  • Lightweight
  • Packs flat so can be transported in the bottom of a suitcase so you have it when you need it
  • Peace of mind leaving valuables back at camp or in the room or in the car safely so you don’t have to lug them around
  • I don’t like the small flimsy looking padlock that comes with the bag. If I bought one I would invest in a better larger padlock, the bag itself is excellent.

The 4wd Zone sells both sizes and prices start from $109.95, click here to go to the online store.

Our Top 5 Must Have Recovery Gear List

There is such a huge variety of recovery gear available and its hard to know what is essential basic kit and what is a luxury you can slowly add to your recovery kit with time.

So, to help you get sorted and get out on the tracks and not get caught short we’ve created this Top 5 List to help you select the must have recovery gear to get you started.

1) Snatch Strap

Every good recovery kit MUST have a good quality snatch strap.

If you are unfamiliar with the function of a snatch strap, in short, it is a large elastic band. One end is secured to the bogged vehicle and the other to the recovery vehicle. A small amount of slack is left in the middle and the recovery vehicle moves forward at a reasonable speed (not to fast), as the recovery vehicle takes up the tension on the strap it stretches, once it reaches full stretch the recoil of the strap returning to its original length ‘snatches’ the stuck vehicle out.

It is also important that you spend money on a good quality snatch strap from a reputable brand. There are huge forces at play during a snatch recovery and if things break serious injury or damage to vehicles can occur. The 4wd Zone stocks VRS (Vehicle Recovery Systems), Outback Armour and Opposite Lock’s Mean Green recovery products, all of which are manufactured and tested to meet Australian Standards. $30-40 snatch straps are a no go and we don’t recommend them at all.

2) Shovel (preferably with a long handle)

Any recovery kit needs a good shovel, we recommend a long handled post hole type shovel, the long handle allows you to reach right in under the vehicle when required.

A shovel is particularly useful in beach recoveries because getting unstuck will often require moving sand from in front of the wheels to help forward movement. In the bush a shovel is handy for track building and track modifications and in mud the same applies as the beach.

The are also handy back at camp for the essential work of fire building and that call of nature.

A shovel can be bought from any hardware store however The 4wd Zone sells a handy piece of kit, which is a Combo Shovel that can be pulled apart to save space and can be used as a long handled post hole shovel or a short D-handled spade.





3) Bow Shackles

Safe recoveries will nearly always require a shackle, unless you have rated recovery hooks.

Always purchase rated bow shackles, NEVER buy D-shackles from your local hardware store. Bow shackles are rated for the rigors of 4wd vehicle recovery.

It is always a good idea to have at least two of them and if they aren’t brightly coloured spray some bright paint on them so they are easy to find on the ground if you drop them or sit them down.

As can be seen in the picture the steel bow shackle has some writing stamped into it. Of particular note is ‘MLL 4 3/4T’ on the left. MLL stands for ‘Maximum Load Limit’ and the 4 3/4T means it’s MLL is 4750kg or 4.75 tons. If you have a shackle that does not have a rating stamped on it then do not use it for recoveries and buy rated shackles.

Ideally you should have at least 2 shackles in your kit as a minimum, if you don’t have a winch and only carry a snatch strap then 2 will be more than enough.

When using a shackle they should never be done up tight, if you do them up tight the forces exerted during a recovery can tighten the shackle more and make it impossible to undo. Instead tighten it all the way up and back it off half a turn.

Bow shackles are strong and have been used in vehicle recovery since the dawn of time however if a recovery point fails a heavy shackle becomes a nasty projectile. New to the market are soft shackles, made from the same material used to make winch ropes, they are strong and light weight so in the event of a failure they don’t become a weighted projectile flying towards a vehicle or person.

The 4wd Zone stocks quality, rated, bow and soft shackles.

4) Rated Recovery Points

If you use your vehicle off road then rated recovery points are vital. Attempting a recovery without them is likely to end up with damaged property and injury to people.

Front mounted recovery points can be located on some winch rated bullbars, whilst others can be purchased and fixed to the chassis of your vehicle (as pictured). Be mindful of hooks and loops already on your vehicle because many are tie down points used to secure the vehicle during transport and are not rated for use in recovery situations. If you are unsure consult your vehicles manufacturer.

When it comes to rear mounted recovery points a perfect tool is your vehicles towbar (if fitted). Having said this don’t break rule number one of attaching a strap to a vehicle for a recovery and be tempted to dropping the eye of the strap over the towball. NEVER use a towball as a recovery point. The ideal product is a hitch receiver recovery point (pictured) which slides into your towbar receiver and is held in by the same pin that secures your towball receiver. If you don’t have a hitch receiver recovery point take your towball out and feed the eye of the strap into the receiver and put the locking pin through the eye of the strap.

Another handy tip is to make sure your recovery points are painted a nice bright colour. Many will come already painted bright yellow, red another bright colour however some are black. This might not seem like much but when your vehicle is stuck in mud looking under the car trying to find a point the same colour as the chassis is difficult. If it stands out it is easier for others to find if you cant get out of the vehicle to hook a strap up.

5) Air Compressor and Tyre Pressure Gauge

What does a compressor have to do with vehicle recoveries you might ask? More than you think would be an accurate answer.

Tyre pressures play a vital role in off-roading, especially beach driving. If you go onto the beach with highway pressures (35psi give or take) you will almost certainly get bogged, if you don’t your vehicle will have to work much harder. Lower your pressures considerably, sometimes as low as 12-14psi depending on how soft the sand is, and your tyres footprint is dramatically increased giving you more flotation and grip.

The same applies in mud and lose gravel, increased traction from a bigger footprint means you are less likely to get stuck. When driving in areas with sharp rocks lower tyre pressures allow your tyres to flex and mould around sharp edges as opposed to being punctured. Getting out of a slightly sticky situation might be as simple as letting a bit more air out of the tyres, if you go lower than usual be sure to re-inflate them back to where you had them. On bush trails pressure need not be lowered as much as the beach and 20-25psi is generally sufficient.

Pressures can be dependent on your tyres, their size and their construction. Tyres with stiffer and thicker sidewall will need lower pressures to get the same effect as a thinner side walled tyre such as a highway terrain tyre.

I haven’t mentioned a tyre deflator as being essential because a stick or a screwdriver is enough to push the valve in and lower the pressures however they do make life easier and something I highly recommend if you go bush regularly.

When you’ve finished your fun and it is time to head home on the black top you need to re-inflate your tyres back to highway pressures (each vehicle is different and there should be a sticker inside the front door frame of the vehicle with recommended pressures) and that is where the compressor comes in. Driving on road at highway speeds with low pressures in your tyres can cause the carcass of the tyre to head up considerably can cause premature wear, damage to the side walls and tyre failures. Always take the time to ‘air up’.

Check out our range of quality air compressors here.

Summing Up

If you conducted a survey of people around a campfire everyone you asked would tell you something different when it comes to what recovery gear you should always have with you.

The list above is our guide based on experience over the last 15 years of four wheel driving.

We’ll be doing some more regular blog entries and we’ll cover a different topic each time, if there is a topic you’d like covered feel free to shoot us an email and we’ll work on featuring the topic in an entry.

Next time we’ll be looking at winches.

All-new Jimny Launches In Australia

The long awaited Suzuki Jimny will this Saturday return to Australian dealerships as part of a dual Australia Day launch alongside the new Suzuki Vitara.

The all-new Jimny fully embodies the core character of the one-and-only, small, lightweight 4X4 vehicle following nearly 50 years of worldwide popularity.

Featuring a functional exterior and interior, ladder frame body, advanced ALLGRIP PRO 4WD system with a low range transfer gear, which can be easily switched from 2H (2WD-high gear), 4H (4WD-high gear) and 4L (4WD-low gear).

The most technically advanced Jimny to date with Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS), hill descent control, lane departure warning, six airbags, high beam assist, Electronic Stability Control (ESP), reversing camera and LED headlights all fitted as standard equipment.

For the powertrain, a more powerful and fuel efficient 1.5 litre engine is adopted with an output of 75kW. Available in a 5-speed manual transmission and also a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Furthermore, other specifications include:

  • Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)
  • 7-inch multimedia satellite navigation
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Reversing camera
  • Digital climate control & air conditioning
  • Cruise control
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Front fog lamps
  • 15-inch alloy wheels
  • Privacy glass

Heritage design elements have been carefully included in the new design, including round head lamps with independent indicators, front grille with vertical openings, horizontal slit-like design and finally, gathered rear combination lamps.

Six body colours will be made available including a new colour developed exclusively for the all-new Jimny: a high-visibility “Kinetic Yellow”.

  • Kinetic Yellow + Bluish Black Pearl
  • Brisk Blue Metallic + Bluish Black Pearl
  • Chiffon Ivory Metallic + Bluish Black Pearl
  • Jungle Green
  • Medium Gray
  • Superior White

Recommended retail pricing is as follows:

  • 5-speed manual transmission: $23,990
  • 4-speed automatic transmission: $25,990

With an additional paint charge of $500 for metallic and $1,250 for two-tone.

Suzuki Australia General Manager – Automobile, Mr. Michael Pachota said the return of the legendary 4WD into Australia is a proud moment.

“I am extremely proud to launch the all-new Jimny in Australia – a global winning recipe that dates back to the 1970’s. Five years in development has captured 40+ years of heritage that makes this vehicle an icon in the Australian 4×4 landscape.”

Isuzu UTE surpasses sales records with 10th consecutive year of growth

  • December 2018 sales total: 3,244 (10.5% increase on December 2017)
  • 2018 sales total: 27,640 (7.1% increase on 2017)
  • D-MAX results:
    • 4th in 1-tonne Ute segment (up from 5th in segment in 2017)
    • 2nd in 4×2 1-tonne Ute sub-segment
    • 3rd in December 2018 sales: 2,184 (6.3% increase on 2017) & 13.0% market share
    • CY’2018 sales: 18,550 (4.7% increase on 2017) & 9.3% market share
  • MU-X results:
    • Australia’s best-selling ‘ute-based SUV’ 5-years running
    • 4th in SUV-Large<$70K segment (up from 6th in segment in 2017)
    • 3rd in December 2018 sales: 1,060 (20.0% increase on 2017) & 11.6% market share
    • CY’2018 sales: 9,090 (12.4% increase on 2017) & 7.9% market share
  • Customer Satisfaction on track to be in top-two Automotive brands for 2018 according to Roy Morgan Research

Driven towards a target of 10 years of continual growth to commemorate the 10th Anniversary in Australia since starting in 2008, Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) has established a new annual sales record of 27,640 vehicles in 2018 — successfully growing the two-car brand by 7.1% YOY, according to figures published by VFACTS. Despite falling just shy of the ‘Decade of Double Digit Growth’ goal, IUA performed strongly in a softening market in Q4’18 by posting our highest-ever December sales result, retailing 3,244 vehicles — an increase of 10.5% on the previous year. Proving uber-popular amongst Australian 1-tonne Ute and SUV owners, IUA has for the second year in a row ranked as the 13th best-selling automotive brand nationally, out-selling some well-established brands including, BMW, Audi, Suzuki and Jeep.

Labelled as the ‘year of the ute’, 2018 has played witness to the highest sales performance for the Isuzu D-MAX, achieving 18,550 sales within the 1-tonne Ute segment — a 4.7% lift YOY. December alone netted a strong 2,184 units for 3rd in segment and 13.0% market share — an increase of 6.3% on the previous year. D-MAX reconfirmed itself as one of Australia’s favourite Utes — climbing the ladder from 5th into 4th position to outsell the Holden Colorado (18,301), Nissan Navara (16,469) and Volkswagen Amarok (9,290). D-MAX traded blows with Colorado across several months in the head-to-head YTD sales race, before cementing its 4th position ahead of Holden Colorado in December. D-MAX 4×4 ranked 5th within the sub-segment — recording 13,223 units with a 3.3% lift YOY. Whereas D-MAX 4×2 ranked 2nd within the sub-segment — posting 5,324 units with an 8.2% increase YOY.

On the other side of the Isuzu coin, the 7-seat Isuzu MU-X has broken the previous sales record set in 2017, achieving 9,090 sales in 2018 — a solid 12.4% lift YOY. MU-X achieved its highest monthly sales total with 1,060 sold in December for 3rd in segment and 11.6% market share — posting a stellar 20.0% increase over the December 2017 result. With approximately thirty models within the hotly contested SUV-Large<$70K segment, MU-X has performed exceptionally — leap-frogging Hyundai Santa Fe (7,523) and Mazda CX-9 (8,094) from 6th in 2017, into 4th nationally for 2018. In QLD, MU-X (2,697) did better yet, concluding the year in 2nd behind Toyota Prado (5,302). With the strongest-ever results under its belt, the MU-X has successfully retained the crown as Australia’s number 1 selling ‘ute-based SUV’ nationally, outselling Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (6,566), Ford Everest (5,482), Toyota Fortuner (3,592) and Holden Trailblazer (2,606) — marking the 5th consecutive year the MU-X has topped the ‘ute-based SUV’ sales chart. To put that in context, MU-X is selling almost 3 times as many as Holden Trailblazer (9,090 vs 2,606) and more than double Toyota Fortuner (9,090 vs 3,592).

Customer Satisfaction has remained a core priority of IUA in 2018, with Service Retention Campaigns and ongoing CSI and SSI Programs boosting and improving Customer loyalty and satisfaction. Roy Morgan is yet to release a conclusive ‘Customer Satisfaction’ annual report for 2018, but to date IUA has consistently traded the #1 position with another Japanese automotive brand over the last 6 months and is on track for a top two finish.

“The Australian market is unique, with over seventy automotive brands bidding for a spot in customers’ garages nationwide.” commented IUA Managing Director, Mr. Hiro Kuramoto. “However, the sentiment towards Utes and SUVs has never been stronger and are the leading segments within the market — the exact segments the D-MAX and MU-X sit — and in 2018 we witnessed our strongest result in 10 years, with more customers choosing an Isuzu than ever before.”

“Suffice to say we have one of the most loyal customer bases in the market, owing much of our success to satisfied customers who have proudly advocated for the brand — referring their friends and family to Isuzu UTE. 2018 played host to key improvements to our product and service offering — Service Plus 5-5-5; 5 year warranty, 5 years roadside assistance and 5 years Capped Price Servicing package — reconfirming our reputation for performance, dependability and value. With customer feedback in mind, our Dealership network has been further refined to better cater for our customer’s needs and expectations with 149 outlets across every state and territory in Australia. 2019 brings with it a new decade for IUA, with new challenges and targets to strive towards. However, we are here for the long haul and committed to our current and future customers.” concluded Mr Kuramoto.

About Isuzu UTE Australia

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Isuzu UTE Australia was founded in 2008 bringing the award winning Isuzu D-MAX to Australia and then in 2013, the Isuzu MU-X 7 seat SUV. Despite being comparatively new to Australia, our global network is extremely well established with over 100 years of automotive experience and expertise behind us.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s largest trading and investment company, Mitsubishi Corporation with which Isuzu Motors Limited has extensive business arrangements. Isuzu Motors dates back to 1916 and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of trucks and diesel engines. Producing heavy, medium and light-duty trucks, buses, passenger vehicle engines, marine and industrial-use diesel engines, Isuzu Motors is at the forefront of vehicle chassis and diesel engine technology.

Our resources and our automotive knowledge are vast, and this shows in the quality of our product and level of service. With a network of over 149 authorised Isuzu UTE outlets across every state and territory in Australia, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and support throughout the entire country.

New Mitsubishi Triton

New Mitsubishi Triton Overview

MITSUBISHI Motors Corporation’s (MMC) pickup truck series celebrated its 40th anniversary in September, 2018. In the 40 years since the launch of the Triton (L200) to the end of September 2018, cumulative global sales have topped 4.7 million units as the series enjoys wide-ranging support around the world.
The current Triton combines the functionality and reliability that define a pickup truck with passenger car levels of comfort, embodying a Sport Utility Truck concept that sees it widely used for both private and commercial purposes as it meets the diversifying needs and wishes of customers.

The new Triton carries over, and also sees an evolution in, its Sport Utility Truck features. Driven by the “Engineered Beyond Tough” development key phrase that runs through the series, it sees a focus on improvements to the reliability and durability required in commercial use and to the comfort and ride sought in private use. The exterior styling adopts the latest a generation of Mitsubishi’s front face design in projecting a more powerful appearance. Other elements making it significantly more competitive include an upgraded 4WD system that gives improved all-terrain performance, the addition of advanced active safety and driver assistance systems, and an interior with improved quality and functionality in a cabin that is quieter and more comfortable.

  • New-generation Dynamic Shield Concept

The front end design uses Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield Concept, which gives expression both to the powerful performance sought in a pickup truck and to the peace of mind that stems from its role in protecting both vehicle and occupants. Other revised elements in the front face include: the high engine hood line; the highly visible and damage-resistant placing of the front lamps, and the use of beefier chrome parts in a vertical/horizontal arrangement. The result is a new-look front face that embodies the “Engineered Beyond Tough” development key phrase through its imposing road presence and sense of dependable reliability.

  • Improved all-terrain performance on 4WD models

Easy-Select 4WD allows easy switching between 2WD and 4WD modes and offers 2H, 4H and 4L transfer case settings. Super-Select 4WD-II offers 2H (rear-wheel drive), 4H (full-time 4WD), 4HLc (lock up) and 4LLc (lock up in low gear) modes to deliver optimum traction and handling characteristics for all surfaces. GLS and GLS Premium models equipped with Super-Select 4WD-II now also have a new Off-road Mode that offers specific GRAVEL, MUD/SNOW, SAND and ROCK modes to maximise all-terrain and grip performance through the integrated control of engine power, automatic transmission and traction control wheel slip parameters.

  • Advanced active safety technologies

The new Triton is available with advanced active safety systems that provide all-directional support for safe driving. These include Front Collision Mitigation (FCM) autonomous braking, which uses camera and laser radar systems to detect cars and pedestrians; Blind Spot Warning (with Lane Change Assist); Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA); and Ultrasonic misacceleration Mitigation System (UMS).
The new Triton is also available with driver assistance systems that help improve safety: the Multi-Around Monitor generates on the display a bird’s eye view image of the area around the vehicle; Parking Sensors provide audible warning and a visual alert on the Monitor when obstacles around the car are detected when parking.

Arrive safely with the five-star Holden Acadia SUV

  • All new Holden Acadia seven-seat SUV scores a five-star ANCAP safety rating
  • Acadia is the first GM vehicle tested to the new 2018 ANCAP/Euro NCAP protocols
  • Acadia passes ANCAP’s tough new safety test with flying colours
  • Holden engineers calibrated advanced safety systems to Australian conditions
  • Acadia has a rear seat reminder to make sure nothing is left in the summer heat

The all new Holden Acadia seven-seat SUV has achieved a five-star ANCAP safety rating. Acadia is the first vehicle from the General Motors stable to be safety tested to the new 2018 ANCAP/Euro NCAP aligned protocols and it’s passed with flying colours.

“Arriving in style is a given with the Acadia,” said Holden Chairman and Managing Director Dave Buttner, “but arriving safely is the most important thing. I am really pleased to see the Acadia achieve a five-star safety rating, and that Acadia scored so well under ANCAP’s new and tougher Euro NCAP aligned protocols.

“I am exceptionally proud of the enormous effort that has been put into establishing Acadia’s safety credentials. A lot of highly qualified people across Holden, and more broadly in GM, have worked hard to calibrate what are leading edge safety systems and make certain they work as intended in Australian conditions.”

Mr Buttner wasn’t the only one pleased with the results. According to ANCAP, “The Holden Acadia impressed across the range of assessment areas with high scores for Adult Occupant Protection (94%), Child Occupant Protection (87%), Vulnerable Road User Protection (74%) and Safety Assist (86%).

ANCAP’s Chief Executive, James Goodwin, went on to say, “These are impressive results and it is encouraging to see Holden offer such a strong safety performer in this competitive family SUV segment. The collision avoidance technologies fitted to the Acadia performed very well.”

The Acadia scored full points in testing of its lane support systems, autonomously maintaining lane position within line markings as well as the un-marked road edge. The Acadia also intervened in overtaking scenarios, passing the more critical emergency lane keeping tests.

Holden’s new Acadia features a Lateral Impact Avoidance system that combines the Side Blind Zone Alert and Land Keep Assist technology to alert drivers changing lanes if another vehicle is either in or approaching their blind spot, further reducing the risk of a collision.

All Holden Acadia SUVs are fitted with a comprehensive suite of safety features as standard equipment. In addition to its seven airbags which provide side head-protecting curtain airbags and extend to cover all three seating rows, the Acadia has the following safety features standard across its entire range:

  • Traffic Sign Recognition with Intelligent Speed Assist
  • LED Daytime Running Lamps
  • Side Blind Zone Alert
  • Lateral Impact Avoidance
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Forward Collision Alert with Head-Up Warning
  • Following Distance Indicator
  • Rear Park Assist
  • Rear View Camera

The Holden Acadia SUV also features an innovative rear seat reminder that alerts the driver to check the rear seat rows before departing the vehicle, ensuring that nothing or no-one is left behind in the summer heat.

Australia Day Launch Set for All-New Jimny And New Vitara

Eagerly awaiting Australian consumers will get their hands on the all-new Jimny and new Vitara Series II as of Australia Day 2019.

Suzuki Australia has today confirmed both new models will be available at dealerships across the country for test drives and purchase from January 26, 2019.

An increasing cult-following and enthusiasm surrounding the Jimny sees the current interest sitting well over 200 pre-orders before full specifications and pricing are confirmed for the Australian market.

In Australia, the Vitara has been awarded Drive’s Best City SUV three years running with the Vitara RT-S in 2015, followed by the Vitara Turbo in 2016 & 2017.

Suzuki Australia General Manager – Automobile, Mr. Michael Pachota said the introduction of the all-new Jimny and new Vitara on Australia Day 2019 was most suitable for the Suzuki brand in Australia.

Both the Jimny and Vitara have a strong heritage and following in Australia, which has been none more evident than the demand for pre-orders since the all-new Jimny was confirmed for the Australian market.”

Further adding, “The Vitara that Australian’s know and love only gets better with considerable improvements to safety and design. The new Vitara will certainly continue to maintain its outstanding value for money for consumers.” said Pachota.

HAVAL Breaks The $20k Barrier With New H2 SUV

When HAVAL talk about value for money, they really mean it with the release of their new H2MT SUV priced from $19,990 drive away. This makes the HAVAL the lowest priced, 5 star ANCAP safety 4 cylinder turbo SUV in Australia.

To launch of the H2MT, HAVAL have introduced an industry leading 7 year unlimited km warranty available until the end of this year.

“It’s a new price point combined with one of the longest factory warranties in Australia” said Bill Soo, HAVAL’s Marketing Manager.

“Australian’s work hard to make ends meet and for many, the decision about a new car often means making difficult compromises – either in their children’s education, renovations or retirement savings. The launch of the H2MT is way of making safe, high quality SUVs more accessible to more Australians” he said.

The HAVAL H2 MT is well specified with a 1.5L 4 cylinder turbo engine, Bluetooth, cruise control, reverse parking sensors, 18” alloy wheels, a spacious cabin, auto park brake, tyre pressuring monitoring, front, side and curtain airbags and 6 speed manual transmission.

The HAVAL H2 SUV range is priced from:

  • H2 MT Manual – $19,990 driveaway
  • H2 Premium Auto – $22,990 driveaway
  • H2 LUX Auto – $26,990 driveaway

Isuzu UTE celebrates 10 years in Australia

  • Over 140,000 vehicle sales since commencement of business in 2008 (D-MAX 107,332 / MU-X 32,752) *to end  Sep’18 – Retail Sales
  • Dealer network has grown from 38 to over 140 across Australia
  • VFACTS now positions Isuzu UTE Australia as the 13th largest sales brand in Australia
  • Australia now Thailand’s biggest export market for Isuzu vehicles

October 2018 marks a major milestone for Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA), celebrating 10 years since inception in October 2008. Launching locally with the internationally branded D-MAX, IUA took on the ultra-competitive 1-tonne Ute market with its powerful and efficient 3.0L common-rail turbo diesel engine and in doing so not only cemented its position locally, but is also the biggest export market outside of Thailand.

The growth of IUA over 10 short years has been nothing short of remarkable, achieving a humble 273 sales in 2008 (October – December), with sales totalling 10,209 just five years later in 2013, illustrating just how rapidly the brand was able to grow in such a competitive segment. In April 2017 IUA posted 100,000 cumulative unit sales of its 1-tonne D-MAX Ute and 7-seat MU-X SUV since inception, and sales have not slowed since then, posting nine consecutive years of double-digit growth at the end of 2017.

Over 100 years of Isuzu product development and reliability have underpinned IUA’s decade of success, meaning that Aussie drivers have been able to count on Isuzu UTE vehicles to get them wherever they want to go for over 10 years. Since launch, Isuzu products have continuously evolved on the back of customer feedback, resulting in vehicles which are specifically designed for the tough Australian environment. Our ability to deliver honest, reliable products that are not only fit for purpose, but exceed our customers’ expectations, has resulted in more Aussies than ever preparing to go their own way.

“There are too many significant achievements to mention” stated IUA Managing Director, Mr. Hiro Kuramoto. “The highlights have been many, and we continue to be humbled by the Australian response to our products. Since launch, our products have been endorsed with a number of awards, and the positive feedback from customers continues to confirm that we deliver honest, reliable products.”

The 10 years in Australia have been punctuated by a plethora of accomplishments with 2012 marking the dawn of a new era for the Isuzu D-MAX, with the launch of the new generation model. Retaining an exclusive 3.0L engine, the totally new D-MAX landed in Australia and brought with it new levels of power, comfort and safety.

2013 saw the arrival of the Isuzu MU-X, a stylish 7-seat SUV that offers a combination of performance, comfort and serious off-road ability. It now leads the way as the number 1 Ute-based SUV in Australia, ahead of major long-term players as well as currently placing 4th in the SUV-Large segment.

2015 saw the launch of of IUA’s new GO YOUR OWN WAY marketing platform, which was developed to reflect the spirit of the brand, its dealer network, its staff and its customers. The GO YOUR OWN WAY brand tagline, featuring the iconic song GO YOUR OWN WAY, covered by the Australian rock band Kingswood, was an important message in the direction of the brand.

The true epitome of the GO YOUR OWN WAY message was the creation of the I-Venture Club also in 2015, where an IUA-led training program was developed to show customers how to truly ‘go their own way’ in their D-MAX or MU-X. The only manufacturer-based training program in Australia, the I-Venture Club helps their owners get the most out of their Isuzu vehicle in a safe and structured environment under expert tutelage by offering them the opportunity to join excursions to some of Australia’s most breathtaking and challenging off-road destinations. Three years on, and the I-Venture Club continues to go from strength to strength, building customer confidence and showcasing the inherent capability of the vehicles.

“Customer satisfaction is a defining factor in our ongoing success,” confirmed Mr Kuramoto, “which combined with the quality of our product and our after-sales care package defines the positive customer experience that people expect when purchasing a vehicle.”

“I believe that if we can continue to respond to customer feedback and deliver on our promises, our brand will continue to grow from strength to strength.” Mr. Kuramoto confirmed.

It is true to say that the Brisbane-based distributor has experienced phenomenal growth in its short tenure, and is currently looking to achieve double digit growth for each of its 10 years in Australia. With a goal of 30,000 annual sales by 2020, the focus is firmly on further growth of the brand. As we celebrate our 10th birthday in Australia, IUA is justifiably proud of its achievements since inception.

With over 140 authorized IUA outlets across Australia, and a reputation for delivering real reliability, the Isuzu machine shows no sign of waning – and with a growing customer base of fans, the only way is up.


  • Upgraded driver assistance and safety features for GXL and VX models
  • New digital instrument cluster for GXL models provides more information

Toyota has expanded the driver assistance and safety features of two of its popular LandCruiser 200 Series grades.

The luxury VX grade gains blind-spot monitor, rear cross-traffic alert, a four-camera multi-terrain monitor and auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors – all of which were previously exclusive to the top-of-range Sahara.

Volume-selling GXL has been enhanced with features from VX and Sahara: front and rear parking sensors and a new instrument cluster that incorporates a 4.2-inch multi-information display.

The additional features will enhance LandCruiser’s reputation as a favourite for people seeking a large, comfortable and extremely capable vehicle to head well off the beaten track or negotiate the urban jungle.

Toyota Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said Toyota was continually improving all its vehicles to better meet the expectations of customers.

“The Toyota LandCruiser has been an Australian favourite since it first arrived here, regularly praised for its comfortable and extremely competent ability to get to the most remote corners of the country… and back,” Mr Hanley said.

“Part of that ability comes from its advanced technology to assist drivers whatever the terrain they come across and the upgrades we are introducing for the mid-range GXL and VX models, further aids that assistance,” he said.

New VX features in detail

Blind-spot monitor# warns when vehicles are present in the blind spots to the sides of the LandCruiser while the rear cross-traffic alert# warns when a vehicle is approaching from either side when reversing.

For even greater awareness of the off-road environment, the four-camera multi-terrain monitor# displays the exact position of the vehicle within its immediate surroundings on the large 9-inch satellite-navigation screen.

The monitor can be activated when the four-wheel-drive multi-terrain select system is operating and uses a wide-angle front camera, rear camera and side cameras mounted in the exterior mirrors.

The system delivers front, rear, side and panoramic “bird’s-eye” views. In low range, it also offers an under-vehicle view that displays the terrain while indicating the location of the front tyres. The displays also provide various guide lines, tyre positions and predicted line of travel.

Luxury fittings in VX already include dusk-sensing auto-levelling bi-LED headlamps, LED front fog lamps and daytime running lamps, leather-accented seats, 18-inch alloy wheels, rain-sensing wipers, moon roof, black side steps and woodgrain-look interior highlights.

New GXL features in detail

Increased driver assistance for LandCruiser GXL includes the addition of front and rear parking sensors that offer progressive audible and visual alerts to detect obstacles in tight urban or off-road environments.

Visual alerts are displayed on the new colour multi-information display (MID) that sits between the tachometer and speedometer displays and forms part of the upgraded instrument cluster.

The 4.2-inch MID incorporates an odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption, eco driving indicator, cruising range, shift position and various warnings.

The steering wheel has been upgraded with leather accents and switches for audio, MID and phone controls.

GXL is already comprehensively equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate-control air-conditioning, a rear cooler, rear spoiler, aluminium side steps, two 12-volt connectors, a 220-volt rear connector, smart entry and start, reversing camera, satellite navigation, roof rails and a leather-accented gear-shift knob.

Changed pricing for the LandCruiser 200 Series starts at $78,190* for the GX turbo-diesel five-seater. Upgraded GXL is priced from $84,480 with the 227kW/439Nm 4.6-litre petrol V8 and $89,580 with the 200kW/650Nm 4.5-litre turbo-diesel V8.

Luxury VX and top-of-the-range Sahara models also offer the two engines, priced from $94,890 and $115,230 respectively for petrol power and $99,990 and $120,330 for the turbo-diesel V8.

Both engines drive through a smooth six-speed automatic transmission with a full transfer case offering high and low-range four-wheel-drive ratios.

With its go-anywhere capability, spacious and well-equipped interiors with up to eight-seat capacity and a braked towing capacity of up to 3500kg**, LandCruiser 200 Series remains a popular choice with 9,452 sales for the eight months to the end of August this year, an increase of 8.2 per cent over the same period last year.

Every member of the LandCruiser 200 Series family is covered by Toyota Service Advantage at $220 for each of the first six scheduled services##.

Ford Endura to offer Australians a premium SUV with high equipment, comfort and technology levels as Ford’s SUV line-up expands to meet more diverse customer lifestyles

  • Spacious and comfortable Ford Endura gives Australian SUV buyers a highly contented, premium focused SUV with big features and tech, with Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keep Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition standard
  • Design ethos sees rotary e-shifter for advanced eight-speed automatic, as well as sports-focused ST-Line trim level with options including B&O Play 12-speaker audio,180-degree front-split view camera, rear-head restraint-mounted DVD players and powered panoramic glass roof
  • Innovation and technology includes SYNC® 3 with built-in sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatiability on all models, and Titanium’s Enhanced Active Park Assist for auto parallel and perpendicular parking
  • The Endura ownership experience brings new Ford Service Benefits, in addition to a five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty, Ford’s Loan Car Program and Auto Club Membership available to eligible customers at participating dealers

The all-new Ford Endura will be in showrooms in December to bring Australian buyers a new type of SUV. With a focus on premium style, design, features and technology, the Endura also offers Australian customers a five-year warranty and ownership benefits including Ford’s loan car program.

“Endura presents Australians with an SUV unlike anything we’ve offered before in terms of equipment, design and sophistication,” said Ford Australia and New Zealand President and CEO, Kay Hart. “It builds on our extensive SUV portfolio, which now spans from the urban-friendly EcoSport, family sized Escape and through to the off-road capable Everest. Endura sits in its own space as a premium offering that we’ve previously not offered.”

The Endura will be offered in three specifications levels, starting with the Trend, before a sports-centric ST-Line and flagship Endura Titanium, the line-up brings a spacious, well crafted cabin with seating for five, and a dedicated diesel powertrain for effortless road manners yet pragmatism at the pump.

“It’s a product that we’re proud to introduce, and comes from customers wanting something a little bit special, but still with a pragmatic element to going premium,” said Karen Larkin, Ford Endura Product Marketing Manager. “Endura is  for customers looking to reward themselves with the latest innovations and techology, with an overall high level of features.”

Endura: palatial space
The Endura sits on a 2849mm wheelbase, enabling one of the most spacious SUVs offered in the Ford line-up. Head and shoulder room is greater than any other Ford SUV, centred on comfort in a cabin that engineers have worked on to ensure the Endura offers unmatched levels of refinement. Rear seat-room is also expansive, while at the rear, an electronic tailgate – operated by either the key fob, dash-mounted push-button or with the swipe of a foot – allows handsfree access to 800L of stowage space behind the second-row seat.

The Endura’s interior brings not only a high level of content as standard on every model. From the high level of craftsmanship, with premium finishes, the 10-way adjustable driver’s seat allows clear view of the 10-inch instrument cluster, while the centre console sweeps across to the elegant, space saving rotary e-shifter and electronic park brake.

In addition, an 8.0-inch full-colour touchscreen delivers SYNC® 3i , with Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto smartphone compatibility, as well as DAB+ radio through a standard nine-speaker audio system, Endura’s SYNC® 3i system also includes built-in sat-nav, with Traffic Management Channel as well as App compatibaility with Spotify and WAZE.

Ford MyKey, which enables programmable memory settings including a ‘valet’ mode for peace-of-mind, is also standard with SYNC® 3i on Endura. SYNC® 3i also offers a full-colour reversing camera, teamed with front  and rear parking sensors. Additions for Endura Titanium, Blind Spot Detection with Cross Traffic Alert and Enhanced Active Park Assist.

A suite of eight airbags includes a glovebox-door integrated front passenger knee airbag, while an expansive suite of Driver Assist Technology is fitted to every Endura. Roll-Stability Control and Post-Collision Braking and  Evasive Steer Assist joins Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection as standard across the range.

Also on every Endura, Lane Keep Assist enacted via the Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) with pull-drift compensation, helps keep the vehicle within marked traffic lanes. There’s also Traffic Sign Recognition as standard, which works in conjunction with the Adaptive Crusie Control to help alert the driver to the local speed limits, while also enabling a greater distance to the vehicle in front to help reduce collision risk.

The 2.0-litre commonrail turbo diesel standard range-wide produces 140kW and 400Nm, and is
fitted exclusively to an eight-speed SelectShift® torque-converter automatic transmission. Customers can choose from front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive on each of the three Endura specification levels, with all boasting Torque Vectoring Control. Riding on standard 18-inch alloy wheels, it has a combined fuel figure of 6.7L/100km . In addition, the Endura has a braked towing capacity of 2000kgv with drivability while towing made easier with Trailer Sway Control.

In addition, a broad choice of factory-fitted optional equipment is available for Endura. This includes 19-inch alloy wheels (Trend), a Panoramic glass sunroof with power-operated blind (Trend and ST-Line) as well as Enhanced Active Park Assist (ST-Line). Optional on both ST-Line and Titanium is a 12-speaker B&O Play audio system with 180-degree split view camera.

Endura owners stand to benefit from an increasing compelling Ford Service Benefits program. In addition to Service Loan Car, Auto Club Membership (including Roadside Assistance) and Sat-nav updates, Endura ownership includes a maximum cost of $299 (including GST) for the first four years/60,000km (whichever occurs first) of scheduled servicing at Ford dealerships.


Ford Endura Drivetrain (all models):

  • 2.0L turbo diesel engine with 8-speed SelectShift®  automatic
    • Power: 140kW@3500rpm
    • Torque: 400Nm@2000-3000rpm
    • Fuel Consumption (L/100km, combined) 6.7L(FWD), 6.7L (AWD) i
    • Maximum braked towing capacity: 2000kg

Standard equipment on MY19 Ford Endura Trend FWD/AWD:

  • Smart Keyless entry
  • Powerfold exterior mirrors, heated with puddle lamps
  • 18-inch alloy wheels with 245/60R18 tyres
  • Rain-sensing windscreen wipers
  • LED cornering headlamps with auto levelling, auto on-off and auto high beam
  • LED foglamps with Daytime Running Lights
  • LED taillamps and rear foglamp
  • Rear privacy glass
  • Silver roof rails
  • Dual exhaust tips finshed in brushed aluminium

Interior features:

  • Push-button engine start/stop
  • Active Noise Cancellation system
  • Five seats in Ebony fabric trim
  • 10-way power adjust driver seat with power lumbar support
  • Six-way manual adjust front passenger seat with lumbar support
  • Leather-wrap steering wheel with paddle shifters
  • Tilt/telescopic steering column adjustment
  • EasyFold second row seat with 60:40 split-fold back
  • Driver instrument cluster with 10-inch display screen
  • Rotary e-shifter
  • Electronic park brake
  • Interior lighting with theatre dimming
  • Electrochromatic rear-vision mirror
  • Eight cupholders
  • Dual zone climate control

Infotainment and connectivity:

Nine-speaker audio with single CD, AM/FM/DAB+

SYNC® 3 with Voice Control, Emergency Assistance and MyKey

  • Satellite-navigation with Traffic Message Channel#
  • Interior Command Centre with 8.0-inch colour touchscreen
  • Voice control Bluetooth® mobile phone integration and iPod connectivity
  • Audio controls on steering wheel
  • Two x USB ports, One x 230V inverter, three x 12V power sockets

Safety and security

Eight airbags including

    • Driver and passenger frontal airbags
    • Driver and passenger knee airbags
    • Front side airbags (first row)
    • Side curtain airbags (second row)
  • Perimeter and volumetric alarm (Thatcham) with battery backup system

Driver Assist:

Remote key fobs (for Smart Keyless Entry and push button engine start/stop)

  • Full-colour Rear view camera
  • Front and Rear parking sensors
  • ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Post-Collision Braking
  • AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control and Curve Control
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Evasive Steer Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Beltminder™ system (for first- and second-row occupants)
  • ISOFIX child seat anchorage points (for second-row outboard seats only)

Trend factory options:

  • 19-inch alloy wheels
  • Dual-panel Panoramic Glass Roof (deletes roof rails)
  • Twin head restraint DVD rear entertainment system
  • Tow-bar
  • Prestige paint

Ford Endura ST-Line FWD/AWD

Standard equipment on MY19 Ford Endura ST-Line FWD/AWD:

ST-Line includes the following features additional to, or an enhancement over Trend:
Exterior features:

  • Sports Tuned Suspension
  • Black trapezoidal front grille and surround
  • ST-Line body kit
  • Black door frame and beltline
  • Black roof rails
  • 20-inch ultra-bright finish with black insert alloy wheels with 245/50R20 tyres
  • Powerfold exterior mirrors heated with puddle lamps, memory setting, electrochromatic on driver’s side, auto-dip on reverse
  • Chrome-finished fog light bezels
  • Power liftgate with handsfree operation

Interior features:

  • 10-way power adjust passenger seat with power lumbar support
  • Ebony Miko Suede perforated seat trim with leather accents
  • Memory driver’s seat
  • Heated and cooled front-row seating
  • Perforated leather-trimmed steering wheel
  • Aluminium floor pedals
  • Front aluminium scuff plates
  • Rear cargo net
  • Rear cargo blind
  • Ambiente lighting

Infotainment and Connectivity:

As per Endura Trend

Safety and Security:

As per Endura Trend

Driver Assist:
As per Endura Trend

ST-Line options:

  • Dual-panel Panoramic Glass Roof (deletes roof rails)
  • Twin head restraint DVD rear entertainment system
  • Premium B&O 12-speaker audio with 180-degree front-split view camera
  • Enhanced Active Park Assist
  • Tow-bar
  • Prestige paint

Ford Endura Titanium FWD/AWD
Standard equipment on MY19 Ford Endura Titanium FWD/4WD (additional to enhancements in Trend):
Exterior features:       

  • Adaptive Bi-LED headlights with glare free function
  • 20-inch ultra bright finish alloy wheels with 245/50 R20 tyres
  • Dual-panel Panoramic Glass Roof (deletes roof rails)
  • Chrome finish headlamp bezel
  • Powerfold exterior mirrors heated with puddle lamps, memory setting, electrochromatic on driver’s side, auto-dip on reverse
  • Power liftgate with handsfree operation

Interior features:

  • Salerno micro-perforated leather-accented Ebony seat trim
  • Memory power tilt and telescopic steering column
  • 10-way power adjust passenger seat with power lumbar support
  • Memory driver’s seat
  • Heated and cooled front-row seating
  • Heated second-row seating
  • Illuminated aluminium front scuff plates
  • Rear cargo net
  • Rear cargo blind
  • Deluxe front & rear cargo mats
  • Ambiente lighting

Infotainment and Connectivity:

  • As per Trend

Safety and Security

  • Blind spot detection with cross-traffic alert

Driver Assistance

  • Enhanced Active Park Assist

Endura Titanium options:

  • Twin head restraint DVD rear entertainment system
  • Premium B&O 12-speaker audio with 180-degree front-split view camera
  • Soft Ceramic micro-perforated leather-accented seat trim
  • Tow-bar
  • Prestige paint

Ford Endura Pricing
Recommended Manufacturer List Prices (MLP)** for 2019MY Endura and available options:

MY2019 Ford Endura


Endura Trend FWD 8-speed automatic


Endura Trend AWD 8-speed automatic


Endura ST-Line FWD 8-speed automatic


Endura ST-Line AWD 8-speed automatic


Endura Titanium FWD 8-speed automatic


Endura Titanium AWD 8-speed automatic


** This is the manufacturer’s list price for the vehicle only. A number of other components, including a dealer delivery fee, stamp duty, registration, compulsory third party insurance and other statutory charges may be payable by a customer in relation to the purchase of this vehicle. The final transaction price for the vehicle will be as negotiated by the customer with their chosen Ford Dealer.

Ford Endura Options


Prestige Paint (all models)


Tow bar (all models)


19-inch alloy wheels with 245/55R19 tyres (Trend only)


Dual-panel Panoramic Glass Roof
(deletes roof rails – Trend and ST-Line)


Twin head restraint DVD rear entertainment system (all models)


Enhanced Active Park Assist (ST-Line only)


Premium B&O 12-speaker audio with 180-degree front split-view camera (ST-Line and Titanium)


**Recommended MLP only. As always, the offer price of any vehicle or option is entirely at the discretion of the Dealer. Prices shown exclude Dealer delivery and statutory charges

New Holden Acadia Rocks Bold Style With Advanced Technology To Deliver The Complete Seven Seat SUV

  • Superb interior configured for maximum comfort and flexibility
  • Powerful V6 engine coupled with a nine-speed automatic transmission
  • Full suite of safety features including AEB, pedestrian and bicycle detection and seven airbags

The new Holden Acadia has it all in spades – space, technology, performance and comfort. The bold and impressive seven-seat Acadia is making its way into Holden showrooms, with a comprehensive list of features to handle a busy life with more than a little style.

Acadia is driven by a powerful V6 engine and smooth nine-speed automatic transmission. The V6 features Active Fuel Management, a Variable Displacement Oil Pump and Variable Valve Timing – a combination that produces a highly efficient and flexible powertrain equally at ease in city traffic or on the open road.

The new Acadia is precisely crafted for the enjoyment of the driver while easily catering to the entire family’s needs.

Acadia has a front-drive layout with an all-wheel drive version available. Standard across the range is a new, Traction Select System, which allows the driver to alter chassis and powertrain attributes to suit a variety of driving conditions. Front-drive models offer Normal (2×4), Snow, Sport and Trailer/Tow modes, while AWD models offer 2×4 (AWD disconnect), 4×4, Sport, Off Road and Trailer/Tow modes.

Additional chassis and driving dynamics features include MacPherson strut front suspension, five-link rear suspension, rack-mounted electric power steering system and four-wheel disc brakes.

A genuine seven-seater, the Acadia is configured for maximum comfort and flexibility. The rear two rows of seats can be folded flat for maximum cargo capacity if required, while the centre row is adjustable front to rear so the ideal leg room can be achieved for varying passenger groups.

In a first for Holden, the new Acadia will feature Intelligent Speed Assist with Traffic Sign Recognition, all carefully calibrated to local condition by Holden engineers. Other tech features include Active Trailer Assist and the inclusion of bicycles in the pedestrian detection system.

“The level of technology across the range is compelling,” said Mathew Rattray-Wood, Holden General Manager of SUV Marketing. “Whether we are talking safety, convenience or infotainment, Acadia has the most complete technology package Holden has ever offered.”

The Acadia’s standard equipment list includes keyless access and push-button start, eight-inch colour display, Apple Car Play and Android Auto six-speaker audio system, interior pockets for tech-devices, three-zone automatic climate control, USB ports in all three rows, navigation and rear-vision camera.

Safety is also built right in to the Acadia. Standard equipment includes a full suite of active safety features across the range designed to help drivers be more aware of their surroundings and potential crash situations. They include:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Following Distance Indicator
  • Automatic High Beam Assist
  • Safety Seat Alert
  • Forward Collision Alert with Head-Up Warning
  • Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
  • Side Blind Zone Alert with Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Rear Parking Assist.

The body structure incorporates press-hardened, high-strength steels, which allowed thinner components in some areas offering comparable or better crash performance than conventional materials resulting in a combination that builds in safety while aiding handling and fuel efficiency by reducing weight.

Splayed front frame rails also contribute to crashworthiness. They flare outward to provide effective folding and crushing performance during small overlap frontal crash situations.

Acadia’s exterior comes with wraparound headlamps, LED tail lamps and daytime running lights and a dual-panel sunroof.

The new Holden Acadia is manufactured at General Motors’ Spring Hill factory in Tennessee with components sourced from around the world. Holden’s Australian engineering expertise was engaged throughout the vehicle’s development to ensure that Acadia is comprehensively optimised for local conditions.

Full specifications and pricing will be released closer to launch.


  • New front bumper and grille mirrors premium HiLux Rogue
  • Improved fuel economy for selected automatic models
  • DPF switch fitted to all diesel HiLux and Fortuner models

Toyota has updated selected HiLux SR and SR5 models with a new front end styled by Toyota’s Australian design team based in Port Melbourne.

The bold new face for all SR and SR5 extra cab and double cab models mirrors that found on the top-end HiLux Rogue model that was launched earlier this year.

Toyota’s Melbourne-based product planning and development team designed the Rogue in conjunction with the Toyota engineering team in Thailand, where HiLux is manufactured for global markets.

Toyota Australia’s vice president sales and marketing Sean Hanley said the fact that the same face now adorns HiLux SR and SR5 models sold in Australia, and the equivalent Thai models, was a testament to the talent of the Port Melbourne team.

“When we styled the Rogue, we knew it was the right design for the growing top-end recreational ute market and our faith in that has now been borne out with the same face adopted on SR and SR5 HiLux models,” Mr Hanley said.

“The ute market has clearly shifted in the past decade and as Australia’s best-selling vehicle, HiLux now offers a more contemporary, bold and refined style to go with its ‘unbreakable’ reputation,” he said.

The redesigned front end features a stronger, more vertical profile with its large trapezoidal grille, honeycomb insert and outboard fog lamps giving it a broad stance and imposing presence on the road.

The grille and fog lamp bezels are finished with a chrome treatment providing a refined aesthetic with the SR5 models featuring LED headlights and fog lamps and the SR models gaining halogen fog lamps to match its headlights.

In addition to the new front-end styling for selected SR and SR5 models, improvements to efficiency have resulted in most six-speed automatic models offering a slightly reduced fuel consumption.

Combined fuel consumption for 4×2 SR and SR5 automatic models has been cut by 0.2l/100km to 7.9l/100km with a corresponding fall in CO2 emissions to 209g/km*.

Automatic SR and SR5 4×4 models gain a 0.1l/100km improvement with combined fuel consumption falling to 8.4l/100m and CO2 emissions to 220g/km.

All diesel HiLux models – both 2.8-litre and 2.4-litre – now also feature a Diesel Particulate Filter switch to manually initiate a “burn” to cleanse the system and reduce harmful emissions.

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) works by capturing fine particles before they are emitted through the exhaust and regularly burning them off at extremely high temperatures.

Under normal operating conditions, this is controlled by the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU) and automatically happens without any input needed from the driver.

But in rare cases if the vehicle is not driven long enough at high speeds to enable this, the filter becomes overloaded.

A warning is then given to the driver who can now use the manual DPF switch to initiate the cleansing of the system and ensure its efficient operation.

A DPF switch has also been fitted to all Toyota Fortuner SUV models that are based on the HiLux architecture and feature the same 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine.

While the updated models offer bold, contemporary and more upmarket styling, prices have not gone upmarket.

Apart from a minor $80 increase for 4×2 Hi-Rider SR models and 4×4 SR extra cab chassis and SR double cab chassis and pickup models, Toyota has maintained pricing on all other HiLux models.

The stylish 4×2 SR Hi-Rider six-speed manual pickup starts at $39,990# and features Toyota’s proven punchy 130kW 2.8-litre turbodiesel engine and plenty of creature comforts including air conditioning, premium fabric seats, and a large 7-inch infotainment touchscreen display.

The 4×2 SR Hi-Rider pickup models are also available with a smooth shifting six-speed automatic transmission with the extra cab priced from $40,990# and double cab priced from $41,990#.

The premium auto-only $49,940 4×2 SR5 Hi-Rider double cab also features climate control, satellite navigation and 18-inch alloys and a stainless steel sports bar that complement its newly minted stylish front end.

The updated 4×4 SR models are now priced from $42,990# for the extra cab chassis manual and $45,140# for the double cab chassis manual with the automatic transmission adding $2,000. Pickup versions of the double cab SR command only a $1,500 premium.

Stepping up to the higher-spec 4×4 SR5 models, prices remain unchanged with the automatic-only extra cab and manual double cab pickups priced from $54,440#, and the automatic transmission adding $2,000 to the price of the SR5 double cab pickup.

With the new contemporary front end, expansive model range and unbreakable reputation, the updated HiLux models will continue to help ensure HiLux remains Australia’s best selling vehicle.

Mahindra announces further variants of the All New Tougher PikUp

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, a part of the US $ 20.7 billion Mahindra Group, today announced 4 new variants of the All New Tougher Next Generation Mahindra PikUp under its fully-owned subsidiary – Mahindra Automotive Australia Pty Ltd (MAAPL).

Bringing the total number of variants available to NINE models, the new S6 Single Cab 4×2 Cab Chassis, S6 Single Cab 4×2 Cab w GPA Tray, Bluetooth and Cruise Control, S10 Single Cab 4×2 Cab with GPA Tray and S10 Single Cab 4×4 Cab Chassis offer customers plenty of options.

“We have been chasing supply from the factory ever since launch of the new Mahindra PikUp.  Sales have been great and with new metro dealers in Geelong and Penrith about to be announced, momentum in the light commercial segment is with Mahindra.” – says Russell Thiele, Head of Automotive Business for MAAPL.

The new variants in 4×2 guise offer customers tremendous hauling power with 2.2 litre Turbo Diesel mHawk engine with 320Nm torque standard, Eaton mechanical diff lock and 1325 kg payload (All Single Cab Models), all with 2.5 tonne braked towing, from just $21,990 Cab Chassis Drive Away.

An optional Tradie pack adds General Purpose Aluminum Tray, Bluetooth and Cruise Control, making S6 4×2 Single Cab drive away just $23,990.

The high spec S10 with Satellite Navigation, Bluetooth, Climate Control and Alloy Wheels is now available in 4×4 Single Cab Chassis variants, driveaway from just $28,990.

“Many of our farm and trade customers like our S10 Dual Cab but have been wanting those specifications in Single Cab. Now with the introduction of S10 4×4 and 4×2 Single Cab we are able to offer a truly competitive high spec Ute in the light commercial market” – said Russell.





Steel with Plastic Covers

16” Alloys

Audio Head Unit


6in touch screen with Sat Nav, Bluetooth Mp3/Radio/CD


Projector Lamps

Adds Daylight Running Lamps & Side Projection beams



Fully Automatic Climate Control

Mahindra Automotive Australia prides itself on working with some of the best global accessory manufactures, many based right here in Brisbane. Our Genuine Factory Accessory Program, includes but is not limited to, Tow Bars, Aluminium, Galvanised Steel & Colour Coded Steel Trays, Steel Bull Bars, fiberglass Snorkels, Canvas seat covers, Vinyl Floor Kits, Bash Plats, Suspension Upgrades and carpet floor mats – See your

Mahindra Dealer for Details.

  • The Single Cab PikUp is available in 4×2 S6 Cab Chassis from $21,990 Drive Away.
  • The Single Cab PikUp is available in 4×2 S6 Cab w Tradie Pack (GPA Tray, BT, Cruise) from $23,990 Drive Away.
  • The Single Cab PikUp is available in 4×2 S10 Cab w GPA Tray from $25,990
  • The Single Cab PikUp is available in 4×4 S6 Cab Chassis from $26,990 Drive Away.
  • The Single Cab PikUp is available in 4×4 S10 Cab Chassis from $28,990 Drive Away.
  • The Dual Cab PikUp is available in 4×4 S6 Cab Chassis from $29,490 Drive Away.
  • The Dual Cab PikUp is available in 4×4 S6 Cab w Tub from $29,990 Drive Away.
  • The Dual Cab PikUp is available in 4×4 S10 Cab Chassis from $31,500 Drive Away.
  • The Dual Cab PikUp is available in 4×4 S10 Cab w Tub from $31,990 Drive Away.

More information is available at and
With over 40 dealers nationwide, isn’t it time you try the trusted, All-New Tougher Mahindra PikUp


  • Prado available with relocated spare wheel
  • Lighter tailgate is easier to open
  • Convenient glass hatch opens independently

Toyota has conjured some extra magic from its top-selling LandCruiser Prado range by offering to make the spare wheel and tyre “disappear”.

For 22 years since the first Prado arrived in Australia, Toyota has sold the premium large SUV with the covered spare proudly mounted on the tailgate – and it continues to offer this configuration.

But, for the first time, Toyota is now offering consumers the no-cost option of having the spare wheel and tyre stowed underneath their Prado rather than on the tailgate.

Moving the “fifth wheel” results in a tailgate that is lighter and therefore easier to open, especially when the vehicle is parked facing down a hill.

Convenience is further enhanced by a glass hatch that opens independently of the tailgate to provide easy access to the spacious luggage area.

Toyota’s move to introduce the relocated-spare option for automatic GXL, VX and Sahara variants follows successful special-edition models with this configuration in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

The new variants retain Prado’s 87-litre fuel tank which offers a driving range of more than 1,000km*, giving customers a clear choice as the relocated spare replaces a second, smaller fuel tank.

Other features include seven seats, three-zone climate control, collision warning with pedestrian detection#, autonomous emergency braking, active cruise control, lane departure alert and a new diesel particulate filter switch.

Additionally, Prado GXL automatic variants can now be specified with a premium leather-accented interior as a $3,500 option. The upgraded interior comes with ventilated front seats that are power operated (ten-way for the driver, four-way for the passenger). First and second-row seats are heated.

Toyota’s vice president sales and marketing Sean Hanley said the company respected Prado’s winning formula, but flexibility for customers was paramount in giving them the choice of spare-wheel location.

“The success of the special-edition models confirmed there was healthy demand for the relocated spare, particularly among buyers who don’t necessarily require the extended range offered by the extra fuel tank,” Mr Hanley said.

“Prado buyers, particularly those who drive mainly around town, will appreciate being able to open the tailgate wider in cramped situations such as when parked close to other vehicles or using a towing hitch,” he said.

“The glass hatch can also be opened for quick and easy access to the luggage area even in tight spaces, while the revised styling bears a strong resemblance to the Land Cruiser 200 Series family.”

Cumulative sales of Prado have topped 280,000 since the first one arrived in 1996. It has been the best-selling vehicle in its segment for eight of the past 10 years.

So far this year, Prado sales have risen 7.1 per cent compared with the same period last year.

Equipped with constant four-wheel drive, Prado is powered by a high-torque 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine generating 450Nm of torque from 1600rpm all the way to 2400rpm (420Nm @ 1400-2600rpm in manual guise).

The entire Prado range is covered by Toyota Service Advantage, capped at $240^ for each of up to six standard scheduled services.

The Holden Colorado Z71 Xtreme – New Colorado Hero Brought To Life

  • New Colorado Z71 Xtreme inspired by concept car
  • Colorado Z71 Xtreme equipped with exceptional Winch system for greater safety
  • Australian designed and engineered genuine accessories
  • Limited edition Colorado available from 1 October

Holden’s dream ute just became a reality. Enter the Colorado Z71 Xtreme, Holden Colorado’s newest edition, based on the celebrated Colorado Xtreme concept vehicle, first unveiled at the Bangkok International Motor Show in 2016.

Designed and built by Holden’s talented Port Melbourne-based design team, the Colorado Xtreme showcased a wide range of concept accessories that captured customers’ imagination; accessories that have now inspired the new vehicle.

Holden’s Colorado Z71 Xtreme’s tough exterior loaded with accessories is matched by its off-road capability, ready to take on any terrain or driving conditions.

To help tackle all types of activity, the Colorado Z71 Xtreme, based on the top of the range Colorado Z71, adds a best-in-class winch system equipped with a heavy-duty bash plate, as well as 10,000 lb load capacity and a 30m synthetic line.

Colorado Z71 Xtreme’s high visibility LED light bar, combined with a winch bar, upgraded front suspension, all terrain tyres and vehicle recovery kit, add to its go anywhere capability, day or night.

Holden’s tough, limited-edition ute also boasts a long list of concept vehicle inspired genuine accessories, designed and developed in Australia.

“The top end of LCV market continues to develop, and we’re seeing a growing number of customers demanding greater off-road capability,” said Holden’s Product Marketing Manager, Andre Scott.

“The Colorado Xtreme was a concept car that resonated with our customers, and to not only put it into production, but elevate it, is very exciting,” said Holden’s Product Marketing Manager, Andre Scott.

“As a base vehicle, Colorado Z71 is already very capable, so we’ve expanded our Genuine Accessories range for additional off-road capability. Cue the Holden Winch system, the Xtreme’s hero accessory, which is a game-changer.”

“Backed up with a long list of accessories, customers can have confidence that their ute will not only look rugged but will be able to perform in the harshest of environments,” he said.

Equipped with a big 2.8 litre Duramax Turbo Diesel engine, 500Nm of torque* and a 3.5 tonne towing capacity, the Colorado Z71 Xtreme boasts the same impressive credentials of the Colorado Z71, with a new-look tough exterior and upgraded off road capability to match.

Colorado Z71 Xtreme comes loaded with value, priced at $69,990 driveaway, which includes over $19,000 of Genuine Holden Accessories. The Colorado Xtreme Z71 will be available at Holden dealers from 1 October 2018. Vehicles are exceptionally limited, so customers are encouraged to contact or visit their local dealer to register their interest to avoid disappointment.

Colorado Z71 Xtreme Crew Cab Pickup includes the following additional content to a Z71:

  • Winch Bar with integrated winch
  • LED Light Bar
  • Vehicle Recovery Kit
  • Complete Towing Package
  • Roof Tray Kit
  • Rear Steel Step
  • Suspension Kit (Front)
  • Fender Flares
  • Colorado branding on tailgate
  • Xtreme branding decal
  • Black Tubular Side Steps Package
  • Black Grille
  • Soft Tonneau cover
  • Bonnet Bulge
  • 18″ Goodyear All Terrain Tyres Wrangler 265/60R18
  • Black extended sports bar

*Auto only

Mitsubishi Motors releases a more refined 19MY Outlander range

The popular Mitsubishi Outlander has been updated to deliver a more refined and functional vehicle with a number of specification changes across the range.

The 2019 model year Outlander is distinguished by a new-look twin-blade grille, front bumper and rear bumper design combined with a new 18-inch alloy wheel design.

On LS and Exceed models, a rear spoiler provides improved aerodynamics which in combination with the new front and rear bumper design also reduces wind noise.

Inside, the front seats have been revised to increase side support and incorporate new seat trims.
On CVT and automatic equipped models, rear seat passengers have improved ventilation with rear seat vents in the centre console plus a powered USB input.

Adjustable speed limiting with steering wheel controls, illuminated window control switches and one-touch power window operation from the driver’s door for all windows are standard across the 2019 Outlander range.

All models now adopt a quick ratio steering configuration to improve responsiveness and steering feel while larger diameter front struts and rear shock absorbers improve ride comfort and body control. To further enhance the dynamic performance new structural bonding has increased rigidity while changes to exhaust manifold catalytic converter has also reduced engine noise.

The 2019 Outlander range is now available at Mitsubishi dealers.

2019 Outlander Range Pricing

Model Drivetrain Engine Seats RRP
ES MAN 2WD 2.0-litre petrol


ES CVT 2WD 2.4-litre petrol


ES EDAS CVT 2WD 2.4-litre petrol


ES CVT AWD 2.4-litre petrol


ES EDAS CVT AWD 2.4-litre petrol


LS CVT 2WD 2.4-litre petrol


LS CVT AWD 2.4-litre petrol


LS AT AWD 2.2-litre diesel


Exceed CVT AWD 2.4-litre petrol


Exceed AT AWD 2.2-litre diesel



New for Model Year 2019:

  • New-design 18-inch alloy wheels
  • New front bumper, fog lamp surround, grille with black mesh inserts and silver garnish
  • New rear bumper design
  • Rear seat air vents in centre console (CVT and AT models)
  • Electric park brake (CVT and AT models)
  • Adjustable speed limiter
  • One-touch power window operation on all windows from driver’s side controls
  • Illuminated power window switches
  • New seat cushion design
  • 4-way power seat adjustment (LS)
  • Leather-look seat and door trim inserts (LS)
  • Updated  trims (LS and Exceed)
  • Rear spoiler (LS, Exceed)

December launch for the new Mercedes-Benz X 350 d 4MATIC

The new X 350 d 4MATIC flagship X-Class model will arrive in Australia during the month of December 2018 with a powerful six-cylinder engine, 7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission, and 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive.

Powered by a 3.0-litre 190kW (258 hp) six cylinder diesel engine the X 350 d 4MATIC completes the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. Its maximum torque of 550 Nm is available over a wide engine speed range from 1400 to 3200 rpm. This means that high torque is already available from low engine speeds. Permanent all-wheel drive ensures high levels of driving stability and handling dynamics both on and off the road – even on wet and wintry asphalt. A choice of engine and transmission response levels, from comfortable to sporty, is at the driver’s fingertips thanks to the standard DYNAMIC SELECT system.

4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive for driving on and off the road

The 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive with low-range reduction gear and a differential lock on the rear axle ensures excellent performance and traction on a wide range of driving surfaces. The all-wheel drive system is fitted with a central differential, which distributes the drive force between the front and rear axle at a torque distribution of 40 to 60 percent. This delivers an optimum level of traction in normal driving conditions. As road conditions vary optimum traction is still guaranteed as the 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system continuously adjusts the torque distribution to match the driving conditions.

There are three all-wheel-drive modes to choose from: 4MAT, 4H and 4L. In 4MAT the torque distribution is continuously adjusted between the axles as the road conditions dictate. That way, if the vehicle registers loss of grip on the front wheels for example, then torque is applied to the rear axle instead to maintain traction.

When driving off-road 4H can be selected. This distributes the drive force between the front and rear axle at a torque distribution of 30 to 70 percent, which is ideal for driving on rocky, sandy or snow covered terrain.

The 4L mode is suited for driving on terrain where maximum force at low speeds is required, such as on steep slopes or muddy roads. This distributes the drive force between the front and rear axle at a torque distribution of 50 to 50 percent.

The all-wheel-drive system and the suspension with its long spring travel and ground clearance of 222 millimetres together ensure outstanding off-road capabilities. The X-Class effortlessly climbs gradients of up to 45 degrees, fords water courses with a depth of up to 60 centimetres, and maintains its poise on inclines of almost 50 degrees.

Impressive off-road capabilities
Fording depth up to 600 mm
Ground clearance 222 mm
Angle of approach/departure up to 30°/25°
Maximum tilt up to 49°
Ramp breakover angle up to 22°

DYNAMIC SELECT for an individual choice of driving characteristics

With the DYNAMIC SELECT system, the X 350 d 4MATIC features a driving mode switch that is unique in the category. With a choice of five driving modes, the driving characteristics can be changed by fingertip control – from relaxed and comfortable to sporty and dynamic. These modes modify the engine response, the automatic transmission’s shift points, and the ECO start/stop function.

  • Comfort: This mode is activated automatically when the engine starts. It provides comfort-emphasising, harmonious accelerator characteristics as well as early shift points.
  • Eco: 7G-TRONIC PLUS changes the gears at particularly low engine speeds.
  • Sport: The engine responds more immediately to throttle input. The automatic transmission makes use of the entire engine speed range to change gears, and shifts at higher engine speeds.
  • Manual: The automatic transmission can be manually operated using the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel. This leads to far shorter shift times than in the Comfort and Eco programs.
  • Offroad: This mode is suitable for driving on challenging terrain. It offers higher shift points and a flatter, and therefore more precisely adjustable, accelerator characteristic curve.

The ECO start/stop function is available in all driving modes except Offroad mode.

Comprehensive range of safety equipment

The X-Class features a comprehensive array of safety features. The standard equipment includes seven airbags, internally vented disc brakes on the front and rear and i-Size attachment system for two child seats. The standard Lane Keeping Assist in the 4 cylinder models is changed for the X 350 d 4MATIC to Active Lane Keeping Assist, meaning if a driver unintentionally departs from the lane not only will pulsed steering wheel vibrations occur, but one sided braking is also applied to manoeuvre the vehicle back into its lane automatically. This compliments Active Brake Assist ensuring driver assistance systems are at the ready to simultaneously increase active safety and comfort. Additionally there is ESP trailer stabilisation, a tyre pressure monitoring system, cruise control, and a reversing camera or in the POWER line a 360° camera as standard.

Two equipment lines for the X 350 d 4MATIC

The X 350 d 4MATIC is available in the equipment lines PROGRESSIVE and POWER, both now adorning the unique V6 badging on the fender and X 350 d 4MATIC badging on the rear tailgate.

The PROGRESSIVE line continues with the equivalent 4 cylinder model specification with the exception of the unique X 350 d 4MATIC features described above and the following additional standard items: KEYLESS-GO, 2-zone THERMOTRONIC air conditioning and new 18-inch 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels.

The POWER line continues with the equivalent 4 cylinder model specification with the exception of the unique X 350 d 4MATIC features described above and the following additional standard items:  Aluminium dash trim, black roof liner and new 19-inch 6-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels.

Optional extras and extensive range of accessories for individual character types

Further customisation is possible thanks to a wide range of optional extras such as leather seats. What’s more, Mercedes-Benz has designed an extensive range of accessories so that users can customise their individual X-Class even further. If required, the design, functionality or off-road capability can be enhanced to suit specific needs. There is a choice of styling bar, hard cover, hardtop, stowage box, load bed liner, load-securing rails in the load bed, and an underguard. With the introduction of the X350 d 4MATIC a new sports bar is available, which can be combined with a roll cover in black or silver.

Local Pricing






X 350 d


7G-TRONIC 7-spd Auto





Important note to editors – The price detailed in this document is the current Manufacturer’s Recommended List Price (MRLP) for X-Class.

As you may be aware, for the vehicle pricing the MRLP includes GST, but EXCLUDES DEALER DELIVERY AND ALL ON ROAD COSTS such as, for example, registration fees, stamp duty, CTP and the like. Accordingly, please ensure that when you publish the details contained in this document, your publication makes it clear to its readers that:

  • The attached pricing is an MRLP
  • That the MRLP excludes on-road costs and dealer delivery, and
  • For drive away price information, consumers should contact dealers

Whilst we are unable to provide you with drive away pricing due to the wide variation in on-road costs between states and territories, and the different ranges of dealer delivery imposed by dealers, we encourage you to contact one of our authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers in order to obtain relevant and accurate drive away information for your specific audience.