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New Mitsubishi Triton

New Mitsubishi Triton Overview

MITSUBISHI Motors Corporation’s (MMC) pickup truck series celebrated its 40th anniversary in September, 2018. In the 40 years since the launch of the Triton (L200) to the end of September 2018, cumulative global sales have topped 4.7 million units as the series enjoys wide-ranging support around the world.
The current Triton combines the functionality and reliability that define a pickup truck with passenger car levels of comfort, embodying a Sport Utility Truck concept that sees it widely used for both private and commercial purposes as it meets the diversifying needs and wishes of customers.

The new Triton carries over, and also sees an evolution in, its Sport Utility Truck features. Driven by the “Engineered Beyond Tough” development key phrase that runs through the series, it sees a focus on improvements to the reliability and durability required in commercial use and to the comfort and ride sought in private use. The exterior styling adopts the latest a generation of Mitsubishi’s front face design in projecting a more powerful appearance. Other elements making it significantly more competitive include an upgraded 4WD system that gives improved all-terrain performance, the addition of advanced active safety and driver assistance systems, and an interior with improved quality and functionality in a cabin that is quieter and more comfortable.

  • New-generation Dynamic Shield Concept

The front end design uses Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield Concept, which gives expression both to the powerful performance sought in a pickup truck and to the peace of mind that stems from its role in protecting both vehicle and occupants. Other revised elements in the front face include: the high engine hood line; the highly visible and damage-resistant placing of the front lamps, and the use of beefier chrome parts in a vertical/horizontal arrangement. The result is a new-look front face that embodies the “Engineered Beyond Tough” development key phrase through its imposing road presence and sense of dependable reliability.

  • Improved all-terrain performance on 4WD models

Easy-Select 4WD allows easy switching between 2WD and 4WD modes and offers 2H, 4H and 4L transfer case settings. Super-Select 4WD-II offers 2H (rear-wheel drive), 4H (full-time 4WD), 4HLc (lock up) and 4LLc (lock up in low gear) modes to deliver optimum traction and handling characteristics for all surfaces. GLS and GLS Premium models equipped with Super-Select 4WD-II now also have a new Off-road Mode that offers specific GRAVEL, MUD/SNOW, SAND and ROCK modes to maximise all-terrain and grip performance through the integrated control of engine power, automatic transmission and traction control wheel slip parameters.

  • Advanced active safety technologies

The new Triton is available with advanced active safety systems that provide all-directional support for safe driving. These include Front Collision Mitigation (FCM) autonomous braking, which uses camera and laser radar systems to detect cars and pedestrians; Blind Spot Warning (with Lane Change Assist); Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA); and Ultrasonic misacceleration Mitigation System (UMS).
The new Triton is also available with driver assistance systems that help improve safety: the Multi-Around Monitor generates on the display a bird’s eye view image of the area around the vehicle; Parking Sensors provide audible warning and a visual alert on the Monitor when obstacles around the car are detected when parking.