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New Haval H6: the fun choice is now automatic

HAVAL’s new H6 will be the first SUV launched by the company boasting a fast-shifting dual clutch transmission.

“We’re putting the ‘Sport’ back in Sports Utility Vehicle with the all-new H6,” said HAVAL Motors Australia (HMC) Chief Marketing Officer Tim Smith. “With 145 kilowatts of power on tap, we wanted to maximise the sporting ability of the H6 with a transmission that perfectly matched it. “The Getrag Powershift 6DCT451 transmission will deliver outstanding performance via its ability to change gears in mere hundredths of seconds. “The powertrain in the new H6 represents the continued evolution and refinement by our engineering team. In combination with new levels of dynamic performance, the H6 will set new benchmarks for HAVAL. “This is just the first of many refinements, improvements and technologies we will see in future HAVAL product over the coming years,” said Smith.

The H6 is HAVAL’s biggest selling vehicle and has already racked up total sales of more than one million in China. In May this year it was the top selling vehicle across all segments, the first time in the country’s history this feat had been achieved.

The H6 will come standard with a Getrag Powershift 6DCT451 electronically controlled transmission. While it has the same function as an automatic transmission, in operation it more closely resembles a manual transmission but removes the need for a clutch pedal.

The design of the transmission includes three shafts and two clutches (wet double clutch), controlled by sophisticated electronics and hydraulics. The transmission features a split (divided) input shaft with a clutch for each shaft that works independently of each other. Clutch 1 transmits the power to the input shaft for the odd gears (1, 3, 5, and R) while the second clutch controls power to the input shaft for the even gears (2, 4, and 6).

A sophisticated control unit constantly monitors information from myriad inputs including throttle position, engine and road speed to continuously determine the optimum shift point.

The gears are pre-selected, that is, one clutch ensures the current gear ends up in the correct position while the other clutch simultaneously prepares the next gear.

This set-up means that the power transfer from the engine to the transmission is not interrupted when shifting, which takes just hundredths of a second. This also allows shifting to take place while under load so a permanent power transfer can be maintained.

Alternatively, a manual mode can be engaged to give the driver full control over gear shifting.

“The shortened reaction times when shifting (compared to conventional converter multi-step automatic transmissions) allow for more fun while driving and provide a responsive driving experience,” said Smith.

“Compared to traditional torque converters, the Getrag DCT in the H6 has the advantage of optimised start-up and shifting procedures.

“As well, it combines the high efficiency of a manual transmission with sophisticated electronics to achieve a clear reduction in fuel consumption and emissions compared to traditional automatic transmissions,” said Smith.

The HAVAL H6 will go on sale in Australia in September this year.