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Land Rover’s New From The Ground Discovery Has Won The 2018 4×4 Of The Year Award, In SD4 Guise

  • New Land Rover Discovery SD4 wins the 2018 4X4 Australia’s 4X4 Of The Year Award
  • New Ingenium SD4 wins praise from judges
  • The new Discovery is a full-sized, three row, seven seat SUV with unbeatable capability and versatility
  • Lightweight aluminium construction saves 480kg, delivering enhanced efficiency and CO2 emissions from 166g/km

Land Rover’s new Discovery has taken out the 4X4 Of The Year Award at the 2018 Australian Motoring Awards last night.

The annual 4X4OTY award involves rigorous testing of the best all-new or significantly revised four-wheel drives from the last 12 months. This year the week-long 4X4OTY test procedure involved set-piece off-road, rocky trail driving, general long-distance touring on a variety of roads, seating tests, including the third-row where fitted, and under-bonnet and load-area inspections.

The new Discovery, tested in SD4 HSE specification, outperformed competition from Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Isuzu and Haval, impressing the judges with its engine performance and weight reduction and overall ability.

Judges independently scored each vehicle against a set list of criteria – value for money, breaking new ground, built tough, bushability and doing the job it’s designed to do – and after the votes were tallied, the SD4 narrowly clinched victory.

Fraser Stronach, 4×4 Australia commented “Amazingly, despite being a four-cylinder of just two litres capacity, the SD4’s engine produces 177kW and 500Nm”

Fraser added “The Discovery SD4 moves the 4×4-wagon design goalposts in terms of weight verses size, and engine capacity verses performance.  It’s a big, comfortable and economical 4×4 that works brilliantly on-road yet isn’t fazed on a gnarly track”

Jaguar Land Rover Australia Managing Director, Matthew Wiesner said, “We are delighted to win 4X4 of The Year with the new Land Rover Discovery.  The New Discovery brings with it an unrivalled breadth of capability and technology that allows our Australian Land Rover customers to live the lifestyle they aspire to.”