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Expensive or Cheap?

Firstly, something is only expensive if it costs a lot and it is rubbish. If you buy a product for $50 and it breaks the third time you use it, or you buy a similar product for $199 and you use it heaps of time and 10yrs later it is still going strong which one is more expensive? Price alone does not deem something expensive or cheap.

We have become a throw away society, we buy something, we use it and we throw it away. With such an emphasis on reducing our impact on the planet then surely buying quality products that provide us with years of use are better than cheap products that do the job but don’t last long. I doubt we will be passing down our cheap internet bought fridge to our kids the way your dad passed his 30yr old Engel down to you, a story we hear so often.  So, do we buy once and buy quality or do we buy cheap rubbish multiple times and be fooled into thinking we are saving money because its ‘cheap’?

Lets look in terms of 4×4 and camping gear, this is after all a 4×4 and camping site. You are looking to buy camping gear, lets say it is a swag. One company has one for $250 and another company has one for $399. They are very similar in size and looking at the numbers the $250 swag is better value for money than the $399 swag, or is it?

There’s a pretty well known saying, no idea where it started, that goes something like “You get what you pay for”. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to 4×4 and camping accessories.

Lets go back to the swag example. There are many considerations that need to be taken into account. Things such as the quality, thickness and durability of the canvas. The zippers that are used, the type of poles the swag uses, the mattress, what about the warranty? What about the service provided by the shop? Are they going to look after you down the track if there are issues with the product?

All of this combines to make up good value for money.

What about shopping around and buying the same product for a cheaper price? Lets say you live in Sydney, you want to buy the swag. You decide on the $399 swag because the canvas is thicker, the stitching is more superior etc. Now you start to trawl the internet looking for the best price. The local camping shop down the street sells the swag for $399, the manufacturers RRP. You find an online store selling the same swag for $349 with free postage. Bargain, surely its a win win. Maybe not. You buy the swag and you have an issue with it and it needs a repair under warranty. You email the online store and get no reply, you ring and leave messages and nothing. When you finally get through you are told to post the swag back, at your expense, then they have it for ages before sending it back and the repair isn’t up to scratch. Have you saved $50?

Not all online stores are like this, we have an online store, but the risk is there. The product and the price you pay for it don’t make up value alone. When you go to a store and speak to a salesperson their time, their knowledge and then the ability to go back to the store if you have an issue all add value.

A cheap price tag does not instantly make something good value. An expensive price tag doesn’t always mean quality either, but more often than not a higher price will mean a higher quality.

Castrol say ‘Oils ain’t Oils”, this is true of other products and 4×4 and camping gear is no exception. One of the main things that need to be considered when deciding whether or not to buy the ‘cheap’ or the ‘expensive’ product is how often you plan to use it. If you only need it for one trip or as an emergency spare then a cheap one might do the trick. If you are buying something you plan to use on a weekly or monthly basis and you want it to last for years to come then splash out and spend the cash on a quality product from a reputable brand.

I often hear people say that not everyone can afford the expensive item, which is fair enough, but in saying that after considering the points discussed above which is going to cost you more in the long term? Is saving a bit longer for the better quality item going to be the best in the long run?

The 4wd Zone prides itself on sourcing quality products from innovative and reputable companies. When you shop with us you can be assured that the product you are getting is a quality product and should you have issues we’ll be there to help you out.

I hope this article has given you something to think about next time you are out looking at products.