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All-new Ford Endura to join expanding SUV line-up in 2018 as Australia’s appetite for SUVs grows

  • The all-new Ford Endura will join the Australian Ford line-up in 2018 to add even greater choice as SUV buyer tastes become increasingly sophisticated and have seen SUVs outsell traditional passenger vehicles for the first time in 2017
  • The highly-equipped five-seat, exclusively diesel-powered Endura will be positioned as a premium, highly equipped urban SUV offering extensive driver assist features and striking, contemporary design and styling.
  • The Endura will join the locally-engineered and designed Everest, the mid-sized Escape and the compact, urban friendly EcoSport to offer Australians a fully-fledged line-up of SUVs, with a broad depth of capability and versatility to reflect their lifestyles

Australian SUV buyers will be offered even greater choice as the Ford Endura joins the local line-up in 2018. The Endura – known as the Ford Edge in other markets (pictured below) – will offer SUV buyers a highly-equipped SUV with cutting edge design and performance.

“The Endura reflects the dynamic motoring landscape in Australia, where buyers are now looking for more specific features and attributes in their SUVs as opposed to a one-size-fits-all solution,” said Ford Australia President and CEO, Graeme Whickman. “The appetite for SUVs in this country is impressive, so we’re excited to bring a premium new offering from our global portfolio to local audiences.

The Endura will be launched in late 2018 as part of a significant year for Ford in Australia, which will see a revitalised SUV line-up that includes a refreshed EcoSport, updates for the recently launched Escape and a refresh of the highly capable Everest.

The Endura name is shorthand for Endurance. Symbolically, the name follows the ‘E’ SUV naming convention, with Endura itself representing strength, durability, reliability and sportiness, which are key attributes of this all-new vehicle. Market research conducted resulted in

‘Endura’ resonating most, relative to the features and capability of the vehicle, as well as being unique and contemporary.

The Endura will be offered exclusively in a five-seat configuration with diesel. Full specification, pricing and availability to be announced closer to its launch.