6t Equaliser Strap


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Afterarket bullbars are often fitted with two rated recovery points, generally one in front of each chassis rail.

Whilst is is safe to use either one at a time it can be good practice under heavy winching situations to spread the load across the two anchor points using an equaliser strap to avoid uneven stress on your vehicle's frame

The equaliser strap is hooked up to each recovery point and then the winch cable is hooked onto the centre of the equaliser strap, or if a winch extension strap is used thread the equaliser strap through the eye on one end of the extension strap before you hook the second eye of the equaliser strap on. Its best to avoid the use of shackles on the equaliser strap because if something fails it becomes a projectile.

  • 6000kg rating (Minimum Breaking Strength)
  • 2.5m x 75mm Polyester webbing
  • Folded reinforced eyes
  • Eye and seam protector sleeves

Remember to wash the strap after use and inspect it for damage, frayed edges or loose stiching. If in doubt chuck it and buy a new one, when a strap breaks it has the potential to do damage to vehicles or injure people.

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