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A snatch strap is one of the most essential bits of recovery kit money can buy. When used correctly a snatch strap will get you out of trouble on most occasions.

Don’t skimp on quality though, there are plenty of options out there but cheaper models aren’t as durable and reliable and are likely to let you down when you need it most. Spend the money and spend it once, a well cared for snatch strap will give you years of reliable service.

This strap is a serious Snatch Strap that will handle most modern 4WDs

  • 8000kg rating (Minimum Breaking Strength)
  • 9m x 75mm nylon webbing with 20% stretch
  • Folded reinforced eyes
  • Eye and seam protector sleeves

Remember to wash the strap after use and inspect it for damage, frayed edges or loose stiching. If in doubt chuck it and buy a new one, when a strap breaks it has the potential to do damage to vehicles or injure people.

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