Outback Armour Strut Assembly

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Outback Armour suspension kits are designed and engineered in Australia to provide the strength, durability and reliability required for demanding off-road conditions.

Front assembled strut suspension kits for IFS vehicles come with a pair of assembled struts (including struts, coil springs and strut mounts) ready to install in the vehicle.

Coil spring seat spacers are pre-installed on the struts to suit the specified front heights with additional accessories loads.

Outback Armour struts can also be adjusted at a later date should the weight over the front of the vehicle change.

Struts are available in both adjustable and non-adjustable forms.

We can help you tailor a suspension kit to suit your vehicle, taking into account the loads over the front and rear of the vehicle.

Please email or call and we will assist in getting the right kit to suit your vehicle.