Tough Dog Accessories & Parts

The 4wd Zone also supplies a range of replacement Tough Dog bushes, shackles, u-bolts and brake hose kits to keep your four wheel drive in tip top shape.

Brake Hose Kits

Extended brake lines become a requirement for larger lift vehicles to prevent damage from stretching the existing lines. Tough Dog offer a brake line solution in both a tradition rubber style as well as a steel braided line for improved brake pedal response and feel.

Urethane Products

Leaf spring based suspension set ups generally have a bias leaning towards load carrying capability over ride quality. The design and composition of the shackle hanger and bushing material can make all the difference to your ride quality. This assembly is the spring’s first part to move in response to uneven terrain and bumps in the road. Tough Dog urethane is stronger than rubber components and has greater longevity and resistance to deterioration from chemical exposure. Urethane bushes respond well to greasing during operation and are created to retain flexibility for ride comfort. When required, steel tubes in the centre of the bush are hardened and chemically treated to resist corrosion. All of this will keep your leaf sprung vehicle in positive contact with the road surface and give you better tyre and suspension component life. Replacement urethane bushes are available for all Tough Dog leaf springs as well as for a range of other suspension bushing locations in vehicles. Tough Dog also have a range of coil spring spacers to assist in levelling and trimming live axle coil vehicles. Poured as a single piece urethane, Tough Dog spring spacers are available in various heights, depending on the vehicle and application.

U-Bolt Kits

When U-bolts are tightened to secure the leaf pack in the vehicle from factory, the metal is stretched as a normal part of this process. It is important that U-bolts be replaced when a suspension system is changed, as a stretched U-bolt has lost its integral strength. The U-bolt will appear tight when re-used, but in fact it isn’t, this puts undue pressure on the centre bolts in the springs, causing them to move or snap which in turn allows the diff to move and the leaves to spread. Tough Dog U-bolts are manufactured using high tensile steel & are designed with the correct length of thread for larger, heavy duty leaf spring packs.

Greasable Shackles and Pins

Greasable pins and shackles help protect the bushes from premature wear because of the ingress of dirt and grit. Applying grease through the nipple forces grease through the joint and out, taking with it foreign objects. Greasable components are particularly important to vehicles exposed to outback dust or high salt level environments like boat ramps and beach driving.

These accessories may not be required when you fit Tough Dog suspension to your vehicle.

If you request a lift that will require them we’ll let you know, alternatively if you’ve already fitted the lift and you need the parts then let us know what you need and we’ll whip up a quote.

Our main aim is customer satisfaction and its because of this fact we ask that you use the form below to send us the details of your vehicle along with the product that you prefer so that we can tailor the best suspension set up for your vehicle and your needs.

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  • What you do with your vehicle – Long distance touring, weekend warrior, farm/work ute etc
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