Tough Dog Alignment Accessories

If you want that massive lift, it’s not a case of whacking in lifted springs and shocks to suit and driving off into the sunset.

Any lift more than about 50mm will create geometry issues with the centering of the diffs, castor angle, camber angle and the angles of drive shafts in your drive train.

Ignoring these issues will make for poor handling both on and off road and drive train alignment and vibration issues.

Tough Dog have a range of products available to correct these problems. See them outlined below.

The requirements will depend on your vehicles suspension design.

Panhard Rods

Adjustable panhard rods allow the axle to be re-centred under the vehicle after the height has been modified. Tough Dog panhard rods are bent from a single solid bar for strength, and are adjustable to cover a broad range of vehicle heights.

Offset King Pins

Camber adjustment on live axle LandCruisers and Patrols can require an offset camber pin to be fitted. Available in 0.5, 0.75 and 1 degree of offset, these pins can help eliminate excessive and uneven tyre wear.

Diff Locator

Designed especially for the Toyota Hilux solid axle front, this adjustable diff locator removes preload from the driver’s side spring caused by the suspension lift. This allows for maximum articulation and spring life.

Transmission Spacers

Designed to reduce tail shaft angle and remove driveline vibration that arises from an out-of-phase drivetrain. The universal joints in a vehicle’s tailshaft must operate at the same angle to operate harmoniously. If the angle of one universal joint is different to the other, or the universal joints are forced to operate on an angle larger that within tolerance, the resulting vibration can be felt through the vehicle when driven. To restore the universal joints to harmony, Tough Dog spacer kits are available for vehicles that commonly suffer from vibration.

Castor Correction

Castor is the angle to which the steering pivot axis is tilted forward or rearward from vertical, as viewed from the side. Castor is important for vehicle steering response and stability. When a vehicle is lifted, the castor angle is adversely affected because of the change in the angles of the front radius arms. Tough Dog provide a range of products to adjust camber from two degrees through to seven degrees to ensure a reliable straight steering feel is maintained at any lift height provided in the Tough Dog range.

These accessories may not be required when you fit Tough Dog suspension to your vehicle.

If you request a lift that will require them we’ll let you know, alternatively if you’ve already fitted the lift and you need the parts to correct a certain issue then let us know what you need and we’ll whip up a quote.

Our main aim is customer satisfaction and its because of this fact we ask that you use the form below to send us the details of your vehicle along with the product that you prefer so that we can tailor the best suspension set up for your vehicle and your needs.

Have you shopped around? We will also price match!

Things we need to know:

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  • Body Style – I.e- Wagon, Dual Cab, Single Cab etc
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  • What you do with your vehicle – Long distance touring, weekend warrior, farm/work ute etc
  • What you want- I.e- New shock absorbers, new springs or a full kit.
  • Details of the kit you already have installed if you have already fitted a kit.


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