Tough Dog Steering Dampers

Tough Dog offer four different types of Steering Dampers. We encourage you to read the information below and consider the unit that best suits your needs. Then, as with the suspension products, send us through some details using the form at the bottom and we’ll send you a quote.

EXT Steering Damper

The Tough Dog EXT steering damper is our affordable, heavy duty replacement damper.

Designed for mild applications as a replacement damper when the OEM gear just isn’t quite cutting the mustard, this damper will give you control and feeling back in your steering set up. With a 35mm internal bore and our Foam Cell insert to fight against fade in harsh use situations, this damper is the perfect companion for anyone looking to gain a new lease on life from their steering.

  • Superb road handling characteristics
  • 35mm bore for heavy-duty use
  • Eliminate shimmy
  • 2 Year/40,000km warranty (conditions apply)
  • Large range to suit most 4WD applications

RTC (Return to Centre) Steering Damper

Sir Isaac Newton might never have owned a 4WD, but he certainly knew what he was on about when he wrote his 3rd law of physics.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Every time something fights your steering, the Return To Centre damper is right there with the equal and opposite reaction to keep you on track. Tough Dog steering stabilisers are the only award-winning RTC steering damper on the market. We paved the way for return to centre dampers in Australia. Our designs are customised for each application. Using the return to centre principle, the coil over spring forces the steering damper to return to the neutral position, helping to eliminate steering wheel kick on uneven surfaces. The return to centre damper aids drivers in their fight with the steering wheel over rough terrain, taming the erratic steering movement without compromising overall steering feel and response. Take the fight out of your steering today with an RTC damper.

  • Reduces shimmy and shake
  • Reduces fatigue on a long drive as the coil steers you straight.
  • Returns the steering wheel back to centre, especially when oversize tyres are fitted.
  • Available for manual and power steer vehicles
  • 2 Year/40,000km warranty (conditions apply)

XHD RTC Steering Damper

This damper is designed for those extreme use applications like vehicles with oversized tyres and large suspension lifts. Taking the principle of the return to centre damper to the extreme, this damper certainly packs a punch when it comes to straightening out your steering.

When a vehicle is fitted with a suspension lift greater than 100mm, the geometry of the front arms, and the length of travel required from the damper will change, requiring a larger, longer heavier duty damper. Our XHD dampers come will with all the brackets required to mount the damper as well as instructions on correct configuration of the coil and collar arrangement. Some modification may be required to ensure correct fit. Suitable for vehicles with a suspension lift of 4” / 100mm or more. Available for 80/100 series LandCruisers, Nissan Patrol GQ/GU & Ford F250 models. Tough Dog also offer their pioneer ‘SV’ adjustable steering damper in larger sized to suit vehicles with more than 100mm of lift. View the ‘SV’ damper here.

  • Superb road handling characteristics
  • Return-to-centre principle especially for oversize tyres
  • Eliminate shimmy and assist in blowouts
  • Reduced driver fatigue on long distance driving
  • 1 Year/20,000km warranty (conditions apply)

SV Adjustable Steering Damper

Our award winning ‘SV’ adjustable damper is the only one of its kind to offer users the ability to adjust the damping force to suite driving style and vehicle requirements.

It is especially effective on vehicles with oversized wheels, or increased wheel track that experience steering shimmy. The damping force is adjusted until the wheel shake is ‘tuned’ out of the equation. Let’s face it, every vehicle is different, and even small factors like tyre wear can affect the overall performance of the steering. With the SV unit, those factors are no longer a problem because a change in steering feel is just a dial turn away. SV dampers are available for most vehicles up to 50mm suspension lift, and for some vehicles up to 150mm of lift.

  • Superb road handling characteristics
  • 35mm bore for heavy-duty use
  • Eliminate shimmy
  • 2 Year/40,000 km warranty
  • Large range to suit most 4WD applications
  • 2 Year/40,000km warranty for 0 – 100mm lift applications (conditions apply)
  • 1 Year/20,000km warranty 100mm+ lift applications (conditions apply)

We would hate for you to get the wrong steering damper for your vehicle and end up with handling that you hate. If you could send us through some details we’ll recommend the steering damper(s) that we think suit your vehicle and how much they’ll set you back. If you’ve done your home work and know which one you like, let us know and we’ll reply ASAP with a price.

If you aren’t sure we need to know:

  • What your vehicle is: Year, Manufacturer and model
  • Suspension set up: I.e 2in lift
  • What tyres you are running – Not so much the brand, but are they 2in larger than standard etc


  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.