Fix My Tear – multi-purpose patch tape

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There is nothing worse than being miles from home and getting a tear in your tent, swag or camper trailer and then the heavens open up. Sure, theres always trusty old duct tape but once that gets a bit wet it loses its adhesion and it lifts. Get some fixmytear today and keep it in your emergency repairs kit, its cheap insurance.

Initially developed for the jumping castle industry to minimise the down time and loss of income due to damaged bouncy castles fixmytear is the versatile, semi-permanent, waterproof, abrasion resistant repair tape made from thermoplastic polyurethane, which has extremely high tensile strength. The layer of glue adhesive is activated when pressure is applied, forming a reliable cohesion between surfaces.

fixmytear can repair tears on a variety of surfaces including vinyl, leather, rubber, plastic, stainless steal, canvas, fiberglass, polyurethane, polypropylene and vinyl coated products.

In this repair kit you get

  • 1x 30cm x 7.5cm repair patch
  • 2x alcohol wipes for surface preparation


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