Amelec Intervolt Electronic Battery Isolator


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In many vehicles, particularly 4WD or RV applications, there is a requirement to automatically charge a second (or auxiliary) battery from the starting (or main) battery. This is a well proven concept and is usually only limited by the constraints of the device used in the installation. These constraints have now been overcome by the introduction of the EBI Pro.

The EBI Pro is a revolution in dual battery control devices.  Unlike conventional electro-mechanical isolators the EBI Pro is solid state.  Solid state means no moving parts.  There are no contacts to vibrate, chatter, arc, wear and ultimately – fail.  The MOSFET based topology of the EBI Pro is proven.  Reliability, durability and longevity are built in.

The solid state aspect is just the beginning.  Designed on the back of the ground-breaking PSR, the EBI Pro is also adjustable in terms of voltage and time delay.  This provides the installer or operator with the means to customise the EBI Pro for the application rather than suffer the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy from manufacturers of traditional devices.

  • Clear LED status display and indicators for ease of operation
  • 100 Amps continuously rated with a generous 500 Amps peak
  • Dual sensing allows main battery to be charged from auxiliary
  • Output indicator function for convenient in-vehicle monitoring
  • Input for in-vehicle remote emergency combine switch (starting)
  • Overload and short circuit protection with automatic shutdown
  • Over temperature protected with automatic thermal shutdown
  • Low input voltage sensing with automatic shutdown protection
  • Electronics are encapsulated in dust and water proof housing
  • Compact design can be mounted in any position that suits
  • Heavy duty construction designed for under-bonnet installations
  • 24 months warranty (subject to policy terms and conditions)

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