1 Watt LED Upgrade kit: Fits 2-6 C or D Cell Torches


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Have you got an old school Maglite or similar C or D cell torch at home? Does it still work? If it does and you want some more power without the cost of buying a new LED torch the Nite Ize LED Upgrade Kit converts most C & D (2-6 cell PR style flange) incandescent flashlights into bright, long lasting (100,000 hour) LED flashlights. It's as easy as replacing the bulb – instantly, your flashlight will emit a pure white (as opposed to the incandescent dull yellow) light, in spot to flood focus. Self-adjusting for all capacity levels, this efficient LED technology also ensures a much longer battery life, making it not only a useful, versatile improvement, but an environmentally-friendly & pocketbook-friendly one as well.

  • Fits Most 2-6 cell C&D cell flashlights – PR Flange Style.
  • Simple to Install – As simple as replacing the original bulb.
  • Environmentally Friendly- Minimizes battery waste and bulb replacement waste… Lighting the way for our sustainable future!
  • Save money on replacement batteries and bulbs.

NOTE: Packaging my differ to that shown in the pics, however product is still the same.

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