200 Watt Cree LED 10 Degree Curved Light Bar

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Light up the night with this 200 Watt 10 degree curved LED Light Bar. The 10 degree curve in the bar means that a larger area in front and to the side of the vehicle is lit up. Most animal strikes occur when an animal enters the roadway suddenly from the verge. With a curved light bar you can light up the road side as well to help you spot any wayward animals.


  • 20x 10 watt high intensity¬†Cree LED’s
  • 10-30V DC operating voltage
  • IP67 Waterproof rating
  • Colour temperature- 6000k
  • Diecast aluminium housing
  • polycarbonate lens
  • aluminium mounting bracket
  • 30000 hour globe life


  • Light is 1055mm Long
  • With brackets fitted measurement from outside of brackets is 1140mm
  • Height of light alone is 79mm
  • Height of light from ground to top of light¬†when brakcets are mounted is 122mm
  • Light is 91mm deep
  • Bracket meaurements- from bottom of bracket to centre of bolt hole is 82mm



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