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If we sell a product then we are an authorised distributor of that product within Australia and all Australian Manufacturer warranties are honoured. Cheaper products may be available on from other sites however they may not be an authorised seller of those items in Australia and warranties may not apply.

We import our LED Lighting range ourselves and we warrant all of out lights for a period of 12 months. Lights are not warranted against physical damage, i.e from Kangaroo strikes or damage off road.

If you have a faulty product then we require you to post it back to us and we will forward it to the relevant supplier for replacement or repair. If the manufacturer deams the issue to be a warrantable repair we will give you an in-store credit to cover what it cost you to post it back to us.

The manufacturers word is final when it comes to warranty. If they inspect an item and deam the fault to be as a result of tampering or misuse then the item will be returned to you as is. This is beyond out control, whilst we work with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction there are some things beyond our control.

We would also ask that you be honest and if an item was damaged or a fault occurs as a result of the customers misuse or an accident then we will happily get the item repaired or replaced at your expense.